What causes bladder problems and how to get rid of them naturally | Tyler Tolman
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What causes bladder problems and how to get rid of them naturally
bladder problems

What causes bladder problems and how to get rid of them naturally

How do you actually know if you have a bladder issue?

The most obvious bladder problem is a urinary tract infection. You’ll know when you have one because it’s going to hurt and sting when you go to the toilet.

But if it’s not a urinary tract infection and you just have basic bladder issues, it could be that you’re urinating often or you can’t hold a lot in your bladder so you’re just constantly going. Or, you’ll notice when you are going to the toilet that there’s not a lot flowing. It’s like there’s a lot less of the stream coming out.

Once that gets worse and worse it becomes incontinent.

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What causes of bladder problems?

There are three main areas to look at when you’re working out what’s causing your bladder problems: physical, emotional and hygiene.

#1 Physical reasons

The physical causes of a bladder problem start when your body is too acidic. Your kidneys filter out these acids and dump them in the bladder so you can urinate the acids out. As the acid quantity becomes too much, it starts to cause problems with the kidneys and bladder leading to urinary tract infections and other problems.

So what is an acidic condition? Basically, acids come from eating things that are really unnatural or from eating too much meat. If you eat a lot of meat and processed foods and drinking a lot of alcohol, it produces a lot of acids.

If you’re drinking coffee, caffeinated beverages, energy drinks, fast food and too many fats, really just a bad diet in general, it’s creating an acidic condition inside your body.

How do you correct the physical condition? You could take something like my Greens, which is a product that essentially alkalizes the body and gives you all the good nutrients to build your blood and get rid of some of these acids.

But ideally, it really is not consuming so much chocolate, alcohol, coffee, processed foods and fast foods, and having more of a plant-based diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s the best way to really start alkalizing the body.

#2 Emotional reasons

Now, I want to talk a little bit about the mental and emotional side of things, and that comes down to being pissed off.

When you have a urinary tract infection, I can almost guarantee you’re pissed off at someone, and energetically it’s actually causing that condition.

If you have something going on with your bladder or some type of infection, really assess things and ask if you’re pissed off at yourself. Are you pissed off at someone else? Even the saying “pissed off” is coming down to your pisser. Looking at coming into a place of forgiveness and compassion, and just not being pissed off.

#3 Hygiene reasons

The last thing I want to discuss is basic hygiene. If you’re not very hygienic, not showering and not cleaning yourself properly, that can cause bladder problems.

If you’re with a partner who’s not very clean and you get together to have a great (“adult”) time, it could be that little bit of dirtiness from the backside that can create a urinary tract infection.

You have to be really careful that you’re clean, your partner’s clean, and after that good love-making time, you definitely have a wash and take care of yourself.

Preventing bladder problems

The best way to prevent urinary tract infections in these sorts of bladder issues is a quality probiotic gut. It’s the good bacteria that prevent infection.

When I say probiotic, I mean eating fruits, vegetables, yogurts and fermented foods. These all add good probiotics to the gut. Garlic and onions will kill the bad bacteria while also being a prebiotic, meaning it feeds good bacteria.

If you have an infection and you take an antibiotic, it’ll kill the infection, but one of the main side effects of the antibiotics is more urinary tract infections and digestive conditions, so you actually make the process worse.

If your bladder problems are really bad, you can do a fast. You need to clean the digestive system and go into an extended fast on juices, broths and herbal teas. This is the fastest way to heal yourself.

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