What is a Breast Cyst, and Should You be Worried? | Tyler Tolman
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What is a Breast Cyst, and Should You be Worried?
breast cysts

What is a Breast Cyst, and Should You be Worried?

First of all, let’s just simplify what a cyst actually is.

Imagine you put on a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit properly. You go for a walk and the skin starts to get aggravated and irritated. All of a sudden your body creates this little pocket full of fluid to protect itself. It’s called a blister and almost everyone has had one at some stage!

When you have a cyst, what’s happening is there’s some type of aggravation taking place, and if you look up scientifically what causes cysts, it’s typically due to an impingement or a congestion of a subcutaneous gland.

A lot of cysts develop in women’s breasts, so I just want to focus on that for now.

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What causes breast cysts?

We have all kinds of fluid systems in the body and one of the major fluid systems is the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system essentially collects all the waste in your body and gets rid of it.

In the breast area, there is a huge gathering of this lymphatic tissue and a lady’s breasts are constantly moving. Most women wear bras that have underwire that can pinch the lymphatic system and can impinge upon it.

We have the largest pores in the body just underneath our armpits here, and they’re meant to pour out toxins. The lymphatic system gathers up waste and pushes it out of the skin through perspiration and sweating.

Many women and men use deodorant that contains propylene glycol, which is the same ingredient in radiator fluid and has been found to cause mutagenic effects in the cells. We know straight away that’s going to be very irritating to the lymphatic tissue.

On top of that, there are specifically designed aluminium that clogs the pores. Aluminium is a known cause of systematic cancer, so you’re literally putting in micronized bits of metal that can aggravate things. Nobody ever thinks about this or considers it but if you’re putting heavy metals underneath your arm on a daily basis, that’s getting into the lymphatic system and is going to irritate a lot of things.

If you already have some impingement and you’re really congested (potentially causing cysts, growths like polyps or potentially tumors), then you need to become very clear about what could be causing the problem and stopping that.

How to avoid the things that cause breast cysts

When it comes to bras, sports bras and non-underwire bras that aren’t pinching everything would be a much better option. Every once in a while, ladies just let them out a little bit, jump on a trampoline and move the lymphatic system. Have a partner give you a nice massage to keep that lymphatic system moving. I’m totally serious here!

I also recommend you stop using antiperspirants and regular store-bought deodorants. It’s time to start learning how you can make your own products or find products that benefit your health, not taking them away.

I teach you how to make your own personal care products in a program I have called H•E•A•L.

Tips for getting rid of breast cysts

I want to give you some tips that will really help get rid of cysts if you already have them.

Number one is going to be citrus. Citrus fruits clean the lymphatic system. The acids inside citrus fruits specifically emulsify heavy fats that get trapped in the lymphatic system and keep things flowing. You can drink the juice of oranges, lemons (or add it to your water) grapefruit and mandarins, or eat them whole. They are a fantastic lymphatic cleanse.

Now, the other way to go about this is a process called autolysis. Autolysis is a process that the body goes into to actually reduce foreign growths like cysts, tumors, polyps and even foreign proteins like viruses and bacterial infections.

How do we enact autolysis?

When we do a simple water fast beyond 48 hours, our body goes into a heightened level of autolysis and all the cysts, tumors, polyps and extra foreign proteins in the body are dissolved and removed.

Thanks for reading!


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