What's causing your excess sweating and stinky body odour? | Tyler Tolman
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What’s causing your excess sweating and stinky body odour?
excess sweating and stinky body odour

What’s causing your excess sweating and stinky body odour?

A lot of people suffer from excess sweating, whether it’s in the armpits or palms of the hands.

In many cases, the sweating really stinks and they have to use a lot of deodorant.

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Sweating that stinks

One of the things that I teach is that deodorant contains carcinogenic chemicals and all types of fragrances that are known carcinogens, and we shouldn’t be putting these chemicals underneath our arms.

Our body detoxes through the largest pores in our armpits, and when you inhibit this sweating, you inhibit the detoxing.

The thing to understand is if you actually stink; either your breath stinks or you stink when you sweat, it’s because of what’s going on internally.

You’ve perhaps eaten some processed foods or dead foods, the digestive system has become backed up or something’s out of whack, so the excess smell is coming out.

As soon as you have an excess smell, what I recommend is looking at what you’ve eaten in the last 24 or 48 hours. If you’ve had a smell for a long time, it’s really time to detoxify yourself, cleanse yourself, and start to nourish yourself properly.

I have a free group called Tyler Tolman Free Community, where you can learn how to open up the channels of elimination; defecation, urination, perspiration and respiration. The whole point of detoxification is to clean yourself out. Once you start to do it, you will probably stink even more, but the smell actually goes away once you’re fully clean.

Once your body’s kind of detoxed (which usually only takes 3-5 days, some people take 7-10 days or more) you literally have no smell whatsoever.

You can exercise and there’s no smell. You have no bad breath. It really shows that by cleaning out the internal environment, you just don’t stink.

Now personally, I haven’t used deodorant in about 20 years and I still have friends. I can exercise, do jujitsu, run, do strength training, and I don’t have a bad smell. I know it’s because of my lifestyle.

Occasionally I do smell and I know it’s because I’ve been off track for a day or two. Often I’ve been flying and my digestive system is backed up, so I do something about that. This is where the Free Community group can really help you to start to detox and take on a healthier lifestyle.

Excessive sweating

The next thing I want to talk about is the excess sweating.

Typically, excess sweating is caused by an endocrine system imbalance. It’s hormonal imbalances.

A lot of times, pesticides, herbicides or even plasticisers, are hormone disrupters. We need to detoxify them out of the body and become aware not to use as much plastic, especially plastic that leeches into foods and into your body.

We have glands called the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus and adrenal glands. If these are out of balance, then excess sweating, or not sweating at all, can start to happen.

The major one is called the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland regulates all the other glands and if this one is out of balance, you’ll typically have excess sweating through the palms.

In fact, excess sweating can be a symptom of a potential pituitary tumour.

If you have excess sweating, you definitely want to change your lifestyle, eat healthier, exercise and start detoxifying the body.

There’s a specific set of exercises that I teach that balance the endocrine system specifically. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes, you do it every single morning, and it starts to open and correct this entire system.

So detoxify yourself from all the things that are causing it. Then, nourish yourself with the right nutrition and do the right types of movements to bring the endocrine system back into balance.

You can find all this information in my Free Community group. It’s completely free and it will help you get rid of this excess sweating and body odour so that you can live a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

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