Your Sneak Peek at This Community-Centred Village | Tyler Tolman
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Your Sneak Peek at This Community-Centred Village
community-centred village

Your Sneak Peek at This Community-Centred Village

I think all of us at some point realise there’s a disconnect between the kind of life we want, and the lifestyle we’re living in now.

Health is about more than just the food you eat… it’s also affected by the environment you’re living in and the communities you’re part of.

In an ideal world, you’d have access to a conscious, health-centred community. Somewhere you and your family could regularly escape to… or even transition there permanently.

I think I might just have the answer.

A connected community in beautiful surroundings.

After hearing about this place over the last year, I decided I had to see it for myself. It kind of blew me away.

I just couldn’t stay away, so I recently returned along with my dad and a bunch of others.

There are no words to properly describe this property. I’ll do my best, but you really need to watch the video above, and then book in a visit to see it for yourself.

But here goes…

Welcome to Nightcap Eco Village.

Nestled near the bottom of Mount Warning in northern NSW, Australia, on nearly 4,000 acres of fertile soil, you’ll find Nightcap. The first thing you’ll notice about the property is the tranquility of lush forest and sunshine, flowing creeks, rustling leaves, breathtaking scenery and a variety of wild birds.

There aren’t any power lines, sewer lines, or water lines. Apart from a viewing deck to demonstrate the kind of locations and views available on the property, it’s fairly untouched. It’s about as far away from a typical suburban community as you can get.

When I first came here, we looked all over the property. There’s beautiful lake spots and luscious spaces among the forest in the valley, but up top, there’s this incredible ridge, where you can see the Border Ranges, Mount Warning, and Sphinx Rock. Straight away, this was my favourite spot, so I named it Tolman Ridge!

A truly conscious community.

Nightcap is a beautiful property, but what I’m even more excited about is the community-centred vision behind it. This is a vision that will bring together people who want to be truly conscious, get off the grid, reconnect with nature, their families, and rebuild the village.

As you know, I’m all about connecting with others and bringing people together in the name of healing. Being around people on a shared journey can enhance your body’s ability to heal itself, increase your satisfaction, and improve your sense of wellbeing. I’ve seen this happen in my Free Community. When you get this kind of connection, inspiration, and love on a daily basis, your life changes profoundly. That’s the kind of community I envision here at Nightcap.

Sustainable, off-the-grid living.

Here are some of the details and plans for the community so far…

  • 3500 acres total land
  • 300 available sites
  • 2.5 acre plots
  • No ongoing land taxes or fees
  • Off-the-grid sustainable living with solar panels and compostable toilets
  • Modern and beautiful building materials that are kind to the environment
  • Dedicated areas for orchards and permaculture gardens

From my vantage point up at Tolman Ridge, I can see that there is so much potential to grow food on the land that we can open it up for people to come here, pick the food, and do their thing. We’ll have so much that we’ll have to give away the abundance of produce to the local community.

Be part of the wider community.

The wider local community around Nightcap is truly special. I had a closer look when I went there recently with my dad.

The commercial precinct is a short drive away, with a beautiful restaurant that has a play area and really good vegan, plant-based food options. There’s also a petrol station, general store, and caravan park nearby. So, you’ll still have those conveniences within the wider community when you want to access them.

Be part of something bigger.

Even though you’re buying around 2.5 acres, you’re really getting access to anything from 4-6000 acres. The idea is to share these beautiful resources together.

Financially, it makes sense. The village is set up so that you don’t have to pay land taxes or ongoing fees. And when businesses operate within the property, the profit will be distributed so that some of it will come back to you as a community member.

I can see that Nightcap is going to appeal to some people for investment, others will want to use it for regular retreats, while many people will choose to live here and truly be part of the community.

Of course, they’re still in a really exciting planning stage here, so a lot of details are still to be confirmed. But if you feel in alignment with Nightcap and the kind of community they’re creating, you should go check it out.

Book a tour.

Ali is the guy who took the time to show me around Nightcap and explain the plans. He’d be happy to show you around as well, so you can feel into the space. If you decide that it’s something you really want to be a part of, you can go and pick out a spot while you’re there.

If you want to have a closer look at Nightcap or get in touch with them, head to:

It’s beautiful, amazing, and 100% the kind of place you’d want to spend as much time as you can in.

Thanks for reading!


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