Air – The First Principle Of Health | Tyler Tolman
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Air – The First Principle Of Health
principle of air

Air – The First Principle Of Health

I want to talk to you today about the first principle of health. One of the main pillars that’s going to take your health and mental clarity to the next level. 

It’s the principle of air.

Air is actually quite important. In fact, it is number 2 on the list for all of all cause of mortality and death. It’s number 2 and 3 actually, number 2 is smoking and 3 is household air pollution that contributes to all cause mortality and death.

Most people aren’t aware of this, so I would like to share with you that there is actually some plants that you can buy.

NASA did some studies and they found out that there are some chemicals calledtrichloroethylene, benzyne, formaldehyde… all kinds of different chemicals that come from adhesives and glues, furniture, carpets and paint and all these things we have in our homes that are constantly off-gassing and potentially contributing to disease and toxicity.

So what they did was filled a hermetically sealed chamber with these gases and put different plants inside this chamber to see which ones would actually potentially have the capacity to get rid of the chemicals. But not only that, actually add oxygen to the space.

There were three plants specifically that out-performed most:

  • Areca Palm
  • Peace Lilies
  • Money Plant or English Ivy

Plants have an amazing capacity to extract chemicals from the air, but they are also exhaling and letting go of oxygen.

If you can put 3 of these plants into every single room of your house, they constantly detox chemicals and produce fresh and clean oxygen. I highly recommend one called ‘Mother-in-laws’ tongue, also called the Snake Plant.

Put that in your bedroom at night, or your children’s bedroom, it actually off-gasses oxygen at night. So while you’re sleeping you’re getting all the access to the oxygen.

So once you have clean air, how can you radically improve your health?

I have an audio, called 7 Rounds of 7. It’s breathing in for 7, holding for 7 and breathing out for 7. And you do that 7 times. It’s just over 3 min and has a radical capacity for taking you out of depression and getting you out of anxiety and really into the present moment. On top of that, it oxygenates our body and overall, just makes us more present!

I highly recommend doing this 7 rounds of 7, especially after dinner time. After you’ve had a meal, doing the deep breathing really helps you to digest your food, helps you to be more present with it. And if you can do it 2-3 times a day, you’re going to be fully oxygenated, you’re going to have more energy.

Think about it – breathing deeply. It’s the oxygen coming in that helps us to actually break down the food particles and receive the energy from our food.

Another one I do almost every single day as well is Wim Hof Method of breathing. It’s a more deep cathartic type of breath that changes our blood chemistry in a positive way and it activates our immune system.

So getting into a daily practice of deep breathing whether it be running out in nature or walking at a fast pace where we are breathing deeply or simply doing breathing exercises around these types of plants is going to put us into a really good space, assist us with longevity, overall health and clarity.

I hope that adds something to your life and to your health.

It’s really about taking action and incorporating into our lifestyle so we can get the benefits.

Britelle Humfrey

Top Tip from a Tolman Health Coach

“Open doors and windows, even when cold, in the rooms not being used to allow fresh air to flow through. We don’t want to breathe stale, dead and lifeless air!”

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