Tolman Health Hub: Fast, Heal, and Recharge in Bali, Indonesia


REST | RESET | REGENERATE in our healing space designed for you to fast and recharge whenever you need to…

What is the Healing Hub?

The Tolman Health HEALING HUB provides a safe space for you when you want to Fast and Heal. There’s no waiting for Retreat Dates, just come whenever it suits you. The HUB experience provides a more personalised experience as opposed to one size fits all at a retreat. Have peace of mind knowing everything’s at your finger tips, but take things at your own pace!  

At the Tolman Health HEALING HUB, we follow the Tolman Method of Healing that has been developed over the past decades by founder Tyler Tolman. Tyler has been running clinical fasting retreats for over 10 years, successfully assisting people to heal themselves from chronic & degenerative diseases using this proven method of healing. 

Our HEALING HUB is run and facilitated by our Tolman Health Coaches, who have studied under Tyler, and learnt these profound healing methods. Our HEALING HUB team has advanced knowledge of fasting and extensive experience in fasting & healing journey.  

When you stay at the Tolman Health HEALING HUB you will be supported by the Tolman Health Healing Hub Team every step of the way of your fasting and healing journey for maximum healing and, safety and care!

"Fasting is the
fastest way to heal"


This is for you if you want to:

  • Do a longer or shorter fast than what most Retreats offer
  • Fast on your own schedule and not wait for retreat dates
  • Have a more personalised Healing Experience and still be supported
  • Be in the ultimate health space designed to nurture your mind, body and soul.

Our Packages & Weekly Inclusions

Our packages are fully inclusive of all the things you need to fast and heal on your own schedule!  It’s your home away from home (in tropical paradise) where you are guided and supported through your fast and healing journey!

"Fasting is the greatest remedy,
the physician within”

Healing Tools at the Healing Hub

At the Tolman Health Healing Hub, we have set up an optimal healing space with all the required tools to get the most out of your time fasting and healing with us! 

The Healing Space

The Tolman Health Healing Hub is located in Sanur Bali Indonesia. It is a luxury villa with all the healing tools you need in the space.


Bianca Smart
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I sincerely cannot thank you enough for the experience I have had at the Tolman Health Hub. The Villa provides a beautiful simplicity which has allowed me to really shed the heaviness of day to day ‘stuff’ and ‘things’ that I’m often surrounded by. In only 7 days here, the space you’ve created has left me extraordinarily open to love - give love and receive love. And the fasting...without this space and you’re support throughout I doubt I would have ever felt confident enough to water fast. I feel much physical healing is happening and everything I do from this point will only support that healing.
Theresa Ma
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I loved the Healing Hub, a divine, clean and homey sanctuary where I did my 10 days water fast. I enjoyed my 10 days water fast as I was supported by Tyler, Michele, my coach Beni, colonic therapists, massage therapists, healers and great facilities which include a sauna, hot and cold tub, chi machine, essential oils and the beach. The facilities definitely helped me through the 10 days water fast to eliminate the toxins to heal my body. It has been the best thing I have done for me. I will be definitely returning shortly to Tolman Healing Hub to do my 30 days water fast.
Adam Thomas
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5 Stars from me. I will be back 🙂 Whilst managing stage 4 Cancer, Severe Depression and Anxiety disorders, years of research and courses around health pointed me towards the necessity to take on a long fast. Just knowing better had yet to help influence me crack my psychological barrier currently keeping me from surpassing 2 days on water. My environment seemed to be what held me back the most, so when the Tolman Health Hub became a thing to do, I jumped at the chance to try it out. In short, the experience was designed by people who care and know the challenges and needs of a fasting journey. Healthy distractions, a relaxing environment and health reaffirming choices were all provided. By the third day, it was clear that this approach was 100% what someone like myself needed to experience the positive outcome I desired. I would also recommend this as a space for 2 couples to just holiday in a uniques setting that provides fun Ice bath challenges and more for both the initiated and new to this world self health.
Denene McArthur
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A Dream Come True Finally, a fully equipped health hub for healing and detox and cleansing. You are left to yourself to sauna, ice bath, vibrate, lie naked in the sun and even a few surprises. A Pandora Star and a chi machine, which plays with brain waves and moves that lymph as fast or as slow as you choose. Enema in your own private bathroom, amazing products are provided and all the water you can drink. I can not recommend the healing hub highly enough and I will be back with family and friends. Did I mention fabulous docos on Gaia and Netflix if you fancy a movie. Thank you Tyler and Shel.

How long should I stay?

We have design each week to include your fast as well as the breaking of your fast in the best possible way. It is said that “any fool can fast, but it takes a wise man to break a fast properly!”


Although your package will be tailored to you and your specific situation, we have a brief structured outline of what we offer as a guide to see how long you should book your stay for. 

"Any fool can fast, but it takes a
wise man to break a fast properly"

Weekly Rates

"We can’t heal in the same
environment as we got sick”

Book a Call with Tyler

If you know this is for you, book a call with Tyler below by placing a $1000 USD deposit. 
Tyler will assist you to book the correct amount of time for your stay and lock in dates! 


(Please Read Below 👇 )

Tyler Tolman worked with his brother Thor, to set up and create a Healing HUB in Melbourne Australia. 

This Healing space was created on the foundation of the TOLMAN METHOD (taught by Tyler Tolman) and inspired by the Tolman Health Philosophy and Methodology. 

Although this space is no longer owned or operated by Tyler, we remain in support of Thor and what he is creating. 

If you would like to stay at Thor’s Tolman Wellness Centre you can schedule a call with him using the form below: 


  • Private Accommodation
  • 1on1 consultation with Tolman Health Coach
  • Daily vitals check by support team
  • Facilitated Morning Activation Sessions
  • Weekly Group Breathwork session
  • Weekly Group Art Therapy session
  • Bloodwork Monitoring
  • Access to all the Healing tools and Modalities you need:

       – Infrared Sauna, Hydration Station

       – Hot & Cold Therapy Tools

       – Sound Bowls
       – Fire pit, Hammock

       – Sun Tanning Deck

Additional Optional Services – not included:

  • A menu of Organic Cold Pressed Juices
  • High quality Healers 
  • Blood Tests (required for extended fasts) 


Minimum of a 7 night stay with discounts for longer stays! 

SAVE an extra 20% with our LAUNCH SPECIAL



1 WEEK STAY: $3,500 AUD
2 WEEK STAY: $6,890 AUD (Save $110)

3 WEEK STAY: $9,490 AUD (Save $1,010)

4 WEEK STAY: $11,890 AUD (Save $2,110)



1 WEEK STAY: $2,975 AUD
2 WEEK STAY: $5,810 AUD (Save $140)

3 WEEK STAY: $7,990 AUD (Save $935)

4 WEEK STAY: $10,110 AUD (Save $1,790) 



1 WEEK STAY: $2,975 AUD
2 WEEK STAY: $5,810 AUD (Save $140)

3 WEEK STAY: $7,990 AUD (Save $935)

4 WEEK STAY: $10,110 AUD (Save $1,790) 


Select your date (first) and then select your chosen package.

Calendar is open unless fully greyed out for your dates. The red corner arrow “restrictions apply” only shows due to a minimum 7 day stay.

NOTE: All packages are the same, room prices vary based on individual room features.


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