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It’s time to take our health and evolution into our own hands

A WORLD FIRST bringing you TWO amazing events on LONGEVITY and ANCIENT WISDOM

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GOLD COAST – 10 & 11 AUG


PERTH – 24 & 25 AUG

Tolman Longevityy Tour - Live in Australia

Let’s Talk Longevity

Through Longevity Principles and Fasting, Tyler has worked with thousands upon thousands of people to get their health on track and feel more alive and energetic again. This information has been profoundly life changing for many people.

Return of DJEDI - Live in Australia

Let’s Talk Awakening

After years of studying Ancient Egyptian wellness secrets and leading tours in Egypt, Tyler is bringing this knowledge to Australia for the FIRST TIME ever. Learn about the Djedi training that Hippocrates and Pythagorus completed and secrets about energy cultivation and awakening higher senses.

Come to one, or come to both events!
They are both about empowering you to be the healthiest, most alive version of yourself!

Live in Australia

TWO Incredible Events in each City

Australian Tour Live in Gold Coast

Return of the DJEDI
Saturday 10th August at 9am - 12noon

Tolman Longevity Tour
Sunday 11th August at 9am - 12noon

Australian Tour Live in Melbourne

Tolman Longevity Tour
Saturday 17th August at 9am - 12noon

Return of the DJEDI
Sunday 18th August at 9am - 12noon

Australian Tour Live in Perth

Tolman Longevity Tour
Saturday 24th August at 9am - 12noon

Return of the DJEDI
Sunday 25th August at 9am - 12noon

Tyler Tolman Healing Philosophy

International Health Expert and Speaker Tyler Tolman draws upon wisdom from ancient cultures that thrived, as well as his own experience of decades of leading fasts and mentoring coaches in his Tolman Health Academy.​

Some of his core inspirations come from:

7 Principles of Health

Australian Tour Principles of Health

The longest living cultures on Earth all had something in common, they lived by 7 simple principles which are at the core of what Tyler teaches.

Fasting as a practice for Longevity and Healing

Australian Tour Fasting as a practice for Longevity and Healing

Science backed and inspired by the ancient great physicians like Hippocrates “First do no harm” “Let food be thy medicine”

DJEDI wisdom from Ancient Egypt

DJEDI wisdom from Ancient Egypt​

Djedi Wisdom shows how to cultivate energy and awaken our life force and higher senses.

Community and Connection

In this age of loneliness, censorship and mis-information, now more than ever, together we are better.

We Live or Die by our Habits

Our lifestyles are becoming more and more processed. We live and die by our habits, and many ways of our modern living are actually making us sick. We see this through increased rates of lifestyle induced cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

We are living Longer, but not living Healthier

This incredible event is all about how to take your power back, be educated about what heals and what harms. We cover everything from what’s in your food, water, and how to create an environment that you feel you thrive in.

You’ll probably be shocked and even angry about how a lot of supermarket food is making us sick.
Feel empowered to start making choices that will be your best health insurance ever.

Who’s it for?

  • Interested in thriving not surviving
  • Sick of feeling tired, and want more energy
  • Curious about healthy eating and fasting but don’t know where to start
  • Want to feel and look young and healthy
  • Realise the need to empower yourself about your health
  • You have this knowledge, but want to be inspired and motivate
  • Ready to meet more like-minded people
  • Bring a friend who you know is struggling and would benefit

Awaken The Force Within

The mysteries of Ancient Egypt are slowly being remembered and revealed and it’s very different to what anyone whas taught in school. There was a time when Egypt housed schools of training for higher level physcians known as Djedi, among them was the father of modern medicine Hippocrates, as well as Pythagorus and Plato.

Ancient Wisdom for Awakening

Great minds like Hippocrates began their training with Healing and Fasting, and then moved through the Djedi training - which focuses on physical movements, breathwork and energy work to awaken our inner “force” and higher senses.

Tyler has been fortunate to train with an Egyptian Master in this field (who has since passed) and it’s time to share and impart this knowledge as part of the resurgence of the Djedi knowledge - hence Return To the Djedi.

Who’s it for?

  • Interested in living out your highest human potential
  • Curious about Ancient Egypt
  • Love mystery school knowledge and teachings
  • Fascinated by the power of energy work and breathwork
  • Want a complete mind body soul spiritual pathway
  • Intrigued by the Star Wars series, and it’s hidden meanings

Want to experience both events?

This is the first time that we have run both events back to back. Both of these events are really complementary to each other.

What Our Clients Say

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The amount of information about the real Egypt and how everyone lived and the rituals of those becoming "enlightened", connected to nature and spirit, is mind blowing. If you are considering joining I highly recommend it !!!
- Mark Van Bruggen
on Djedi Training
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Within 4 weeks I have made changes and improved in areas I didn’t ever think about before.
No more tiredness, tired look, no more low self esteem, I have more Energy and confident and love being able to connect with supportive, encouraging like minded people ❤️❤️

Thanks Tyler!
- Tara Young
on Tyler Tolman Longevity Tour
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

If you are seeking a pathway of becoming the best version of yourself, then you need to join this program.

Tyler embodies the fully activated divine masculine who brings heart, energy, mind and soul into his teachings. You’ll leave feeling activated, lighter and stronger ready to implement his wisdom into your journey.

Bursting with love and gratitude for Tyler, Michele and the TT team.
- Tylie
on Djedi Training
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Following seeing you in Perth 7 yeas ago I healed my Ulcerative colitis. Cut out all inflammatory foods, raw juiced everyday and it took 2 months for pain and bleeding to stop.

Internal healing continued and I’ve never had another issue for 7 years. Inflammatory markers perfect.

I often lead people to your page and love you work 👍
- June Dyer
on Tyler Tolman Longevity Tour

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10-11 AUGUST

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10-11 AUGUST

17-18 AUGUST​

24-25 AUGUST​


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