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Tyler’s journey began at the age of 12 when he went to spend the summer with his father, Don Tolman, on his farm in Salem, Missouri.

It was here that he witnessed and took part in the health retreats that his father led, where people would be taught about the power of natural raw foods to heal the body. He saw first-hand the effectiveness of his father’s methods to improve and heal devastating illnesses, and this gave him the inspiration to follow in his father’s footsteps and continue and expand upon his research and techniques.

Over the years Tyler carried out extensive research into ancient teachings and health practices that had been lost to the modern world. He devoured volumes of books, and absorbed information and teachings by Pythagoras, Plato, Einstein, Hippocrates, the Ancient Egyptians, and many other brilliant minds and cultures. He joined numerous esoteric groups such as the freemasons, and got access to the true teachings of King Solomon and various pharaohs and prophets.

Tyler’s research has led him to the conclusion that the good things in life are easy to attain and simple to understand, but that the way most of us have been brought up has made these simple things confusing. In short, we have lost the combined knowledge of millennia in our search for unnatural, quick-fix solutions.

It is Tyler’s aim to strip away the lies that we have been fed from birth and to shed light on the key principles of living a natural, healthy, disease-free life. Through his teachings, people all over the world have been able to develop mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and socially.

Tyler’s aim is to take the power of whole raw foods and natural healing to the world so that we can all benefit from this ancient wisdom.

We place our lives literally in the hands of medical professionals especially in emergency situations. When it comes to the narrow scope of today’s medicine – we have lost our way as a society. Most of us have grave suspicions of medical and pharmaceutical industries that we are too afraid to question. Yet the results are clear: Australians spend in excess of $140 billion annually on treating symptoms as part of the nation’s healthcare system.

Despite this astronomical spend on research and mainstream treatments; patient numbers continue to rise, with cancer the leading cause of death nationally. An estimated 138,321 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia in 2018, with that number set to rise to 150,000 by 2020.

It’s time to return to truth. Your body has all the answers. Unfortunately, some of the traditional medical techniques leave no room for your body to do what it needs to do – and that is heal itself.

Tyler Tolman has decades of assisting people to heal from many conditions that are deemed incurable by the modern healthcare system. A qualified iridologist and fasting expert, he has also been passed down powerful knowledge from his father, Don Tolman, through his many years of research and application, as well profound wisdom gained from ancient masters who deeply understood what the body needs in order to truly heal.

The proof of a practitioner’s skill and wisdom rests with those he or she treats. Tyler Tolman has accrued countless testimonials from clients who have healed from diseases such as brain cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, Lyme disease, motor neuron disease, obesity, hypertension, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, psoriasis…

For the first time in 16 years, my thyroid antibodies reading has reduced by 1000. That is a miracle after such a long time of absolutely no improvement regardless of what I tried, and of course my doctor can’t understand it because (against his recommendation) I took myself off my meds and followed the Tolman Protocol!


All my life I have suffered bad headaches and migraines. I have taken pain killers for 30 years. After changing my diet in 2016 I have been slowly improving. Now I follow Tyler and listed to the videos and read the posts and have been applying a lot of the Tolman teachings. I am now medication free and hardly ever get a headache. I am thinking soon they will disappear forever. My life has changed in a huge way. I look and feel terrific now. 


I started on this wellbeing journey after an invite to see Tyler (I had no idea who he was). I started the year at 92kg, ate blindly and ate anything, and since seeing Tyler, I started eating whole foods, reading ingredients, cut out animal protein and dairy and starting drinking water. I have done many colon cleanses and juice fasts. Today I am 68kg and feel like I have energy to burn, I sleep better despite shift work, I am smashing goals with my fitness and my work mates are always telling me I’m buzzing and asking me why I’m so happy. I feel so empowered and haven’t felt this awesome since I was a teenager. 



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