Alternative Therapies For Preventing And Healing Cancer
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Alternative Therapies For Preventing And Healing Cancer

Alternative Therapies For Preventing And Healing Cancer

Most of us sadly know of someone who is dealing with cancer. Even though cancer is becoming more and more common I think it’s massively misunderstood. There is a lot of fear when it comes to treatment options after someone has been diagnosed. There is a lot of fear because we think that cancer is something we have no control over.

From a young age I’ve seen my father work with countless people with cancer and using what may be deemed as alternative therapies. Since I started my own healing programs in Bali I’ve attracted many people dealing with cancer also. I feel that it would be beneficial to share what I know about dealing with cancer based on the experiences I’ve seen during my life.

Biology 101: Let’s Understand The Body And How Dis-Ease And Cancer Manifests

My father Don Tolman is an absolute genius in being able to explain complex things in a simple way. Take the human body for example, he would say that our entire body is a system of tubes. Yes, tubes! Just think about it for a moment. The skin is a system of tubes letting things in and out. Our liver is a meeting point of tubes for filtering the whole body. Then our digestive system is the biggest tube starting from the throat and continuing to the stomach, the small intestine, the large intestine then out the backdoor. Every cell is essentially a tube letting things in and out.

So anything we take in from our environment has an effect on these tubes, and all the wastes the body produces needs to leave through these tubes also. If anything is not working properly and there is an obstruction in any of these tubes this is essentially what leads to disease and potentially cancer.

The thing to understand about cancer is that is doesn’t develop overnight. It’s years of accumulation of diet and lifestyle. Whether it’s your liver or your colon or any organ, the potential to develop cancer will be there when your ‘tubes’ are blocked and your body is not clean.

Cancer is an unregulated multiplication of cells. Basically the cells that are there are trying to do their job but are so blocked up they multiply to try to get the work done. The process of these cells multiplying we see as cancer.

Will My Genes Determine If I Develop Cancer?

Now, we all know that some people have unhealthy lifestyles and seem do ‘get away with it’ and others don’t. So it’s fair to say your genetics can play a role, BUT how big of a role they play is exaggerated in my opinion. I believe ultimately it’s your lifestyle that will determine if you develop cancer or not.

Here’s how your genes might play a role. Just say my father and grandfather both had liver issues, chances are I may also have a genetically weak liver. That doesn’t mean I will develop liver cancer or liver problems. It just means that the liver is a potential weak point. Now if I eat the same foods that put stress on the liver, that’s really not going to help is it? Or even if it’s a poor diet and lifestyle in general as the liver is the genetic weak point it’s where disease may develop first.

Cancer Diagnosis

If you or someone you know is diagnosed with cancer, my first advice is to slow down and take a deep breath. This is your body’s way of saying it’s struggling with something and is obviously in need of some major help.

Now if you’re at the late stages of cancer, like there is a large tumour or you’re really suffering from symptoms then maybe you will need surgery. That’s what the medical system is for. In emergency situations they are absolutely brilliant.

But, if you are still feeling generally well when you’re diagnosed that’s when I would advise you to take a deep breath and start to educate yourself on how to deal with this.

The American Cancer Society say a natural raw food diet and moderate exercise can wipe out two thirds of all cancer triggers. TWO THIRDS! Yep their research shows that most cancer cases are specifically related to smoking, poor diet and not enough exercise.

So if you are diagnosed with cancer take a deep breath, educate yourself and go with a treatment plan that resonates with you. I’m not saying 100% to avoid the medical route, but to really assess both situations and be as well informed as possible before making any big decisions.

Thanks for reading!


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