Doctrine of Signatures | Clues to Find the Best Foods to Eat | Tyler Tolman
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Doctrine of Signatures | Clues to Find the Best Foods to Eat
doctrine of signatures

Doctrine of Signatures | Clues to Find the Best Foods to Eat

I want to show you a way to find the best foods to eat to nourish each body part. 

I often talk about the ‘Doctrine of Signatures’ at my educational programs. It’s the wisdom that foods that look like a part of the body, it will target the function of that body part. It’s Mother Nature’s way of guiding you to the whole food and plants that will help heal and support the part of the body it resembles. 

This is a philosophy that was known and taught in ancient Egypt and by many other cultures. My father re-learned this philosophy from native Americans, and it was also publicly re-popularised by Paracelsus, a Swiss physician. 

How The Doctrine of Signatures Works

The word ‘Signature’ can be redefined in Latin as Signaturum…sign of nature. Whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts have evolved to look the way they do, screaming their message to us in the form they taken. They do this to support us in having the best health, either through healing or maintaining. 

The examples of are endless, but here are a few…

A carrot looks like the iris of the eyes when you cut it open. Many studies show eating carrots improves blood flow to your eyes and prevents macular degeneration. Also, the carrot and its stalk resemble to optic nerve and the veins which encircle the eye.

Doctrine of Signature_Carrot

A tomato looks like a heart with its four chambers, colour (red), and its size being similar to that of the heart. The American Heart Foundation says a tomato is the best food for your heart because of its lycopene content.

Doctrine of Signature_Tomato

If you look at a celery stick, you’ll see that it is shaped like bones and thus prevents osteoporosis, builds strong bones, and increases body mass. Celery has a high level of sodium in similar proportions to our bones, which is the basic building block for calcium. Think of how salt water in the middle of the ocean and sunshine produces coral calcium.

Doctrine of Signatures_Celery2

A walnut looks exactly like the brain, from the husk that looks like the skin to the shell which is like the skull. The left and right ‘hemispheres’ and other parts look identical as well.

Doctrine of Signatures_Walnut

Baylor university has found omega 3­6­9’s in walnuts that cross the blood brain barrier and enhance brain function. These fatty acids have been known to help reduce the risk of heart disease. They are also perfect for growth and repair.

Avocados are shaped like a women’s cervix and take 9 months to grow from blossom to fully ripened fruit, making it one of the best foods to eat during pregnancy for a health boost. Eggplants and pears also target the health and function of the womb and cervix.

Doctrine of Signature_Avocado

Figs are full of seeds and are like sacks when they grow. They increase sperm mobility and count, as well as assist with overcoming male sterility.   

Doctrine of Signature_Fig

I talk about many other examples in other blog posts such as which foods are best for improving eyesightreducing stress, and improving erectile dysfunction.

The Doctrine of Signatures is another form of ‘proof’ of the amazing ability the body has to heal itself naturally when we embrace the power of nature and we ‘let food be thy medicine‘. 

Thanks for reading!


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