Eat For Life - Is Your Body Telling You To Eat Less??
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Eat For Life – Is Your Body Telling You To Eat Less?
eat for life

Eat For Life – Is Your Body Telling You To Eat Less?

I wanna share with you my philosophy about how to eat for life. Now I know this is gonna be an interesting concept but the actual word ‘eat’, E A T is at the heart of the word “DEATH”.

Meaning if you add in the D and H to EAT, we have DEATH.

And sometimes I ponder the thought, “what if we are eating ourselves to death and death actually comes from the process of eating the wrong way?”.

Eating too fast. Not chewing our food. Eating unconsciously. Eating in bad states of emotion. Eating anytime and all the time. Not having any perimeters around this process of eating.

What if that really is at the heart of death? And it leads to disease over time and distance.

Is Your Body Telling You To Eat Less?

I look at people as they get older and notice how their teeth start to fall out. And I think, “what if that’s an actual sign from the body saying, STOP EATING!” Or at least cut down on eating.

That’s something to really think about.

When we are in the growing phases of life as a child or a teenager, it makes sense to eat more food because our bodies are literally going through growth spurts.

But by the time we hit anywhere from 21 to 25 we’re fully grown. We really don’t need this same amount of food. We just need to maintain what is already there.

What if, as we get older ,we should actually cut back on the amount of food we eat? Could doing this be the key to create longevity. (Well according to all research on longevity, that is exactly what we need to do!)

So what if we all treated this body as a beautiful temple, literally as a sacred place. What if we took food and offered it into the temple with gratitude and presence rather than just shoving it in?

It suddenly changes things.

There is this process of really honoring our food and looking at it thinking about where it comes from, smelling it and really connecting with the food. Touching it. Playing with it. Using ALL of our senses to prepare our bodies to receive.

Why You Absolutely Should Play With Your Food

Forget what Grandma or your mum told you about not playing with your food. You need to connect with your food. Use your hands. Get in there.

I know when I make a salad, and I actually get my hands in there, mixing the avocado and the greens it tastes so much better. We have this proper “etiquette” and ways of eating, but sometimes, just allow yourself to get back to nature, touching and connecting with your food.

There’s an electrical force that’s exchanged in this process, and I know you’ll enjoy it so much more. The food will actually taste so much better!

Make Eating Into An Orgasmic Ritual

Smell the food, look at the food, think about where it comes from and maybe have your own little rituals around it.

It’s just about you being in a state of gratitude and happiness. Being in a state of balance.

By that I mean not fighting or being angry or trying to suppress emotions but truly being in a balanced state and connecting with our food.

I really do believe if we offer foods into our body in this way, it’s a kind of sacred ritual… and by making eating a ritual, the food not only tastes and smells better, but I believe it feeds our soul as well. Being in a community of individuals, we sit down together and actually love each other. Have conversations. Enjoying and laughing.

Many religions make eating a sacred ritual and have done for thousands of years. They pray over their food and they create feasting times. I think that’s a beautiful quality that many of us have lost.

How Intermittent Fasting Helps You Connect With Yourself And Your Food

Even a short period of fasting really helps me connect back with my food. Try doing intermittent fasting, and not having food for half a day. By the time you’re taking something in, you’re actually hungry, and it’s like, “oh my gosh this is amazing!” and you are naturally in a state of gratitude.


Imagine if you could be in a state of gratitude offering things into your body with the intention of growth, nourishment, vitality and in a state of joy and gratitude every time you ate! Rather than just eating unconsciously which is at the heart of death.

I’m gonna leave you with that. I planted a seed. It will start to grow and just try it on for size. See how it fits, and if it fits nicely and you like it, go ahead and wear it.

Have a good day!

Thanks for reading!


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