Essential Oils | Origin, Health Benefits and Uses
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Essential Oils | Origin, Health Benefits and Uses

Essential Oils | Origin, Health Benefits and Uses

Let’s talk about essential oils.

People see me using these all the time. I’m putting them on my head, my face, on bruises and injuries. I use essential oils while I do Jiu Jitsu, in the bathtub…

A lot of people think they are ‘woo woo’ things, or they are just for smell. That couldn’t be anything further from the truth.

Going Back Thousands of Years

If you go back to the original physicians… I’m talking about Hippocrates, and where he learned all his information. Hippocrates, looking into the history, travelled to Egypt and stayed there for 7 years to become a basic physician. That was the time that it took.

Of course, Hippocrates is known for laying the foundation of modern medicine. Now, let’s go back to the Tutankhamun tomb, or any place throughout Egypt, we’ll find they had a vast knowledge of how to take different herbs, roots and plants, and distill the best immune qualities into essential oils.

These essential oils were used especially by the Egyptian ‘higher class’, but the physicians had a very specific way of applying essential oils to bring about all kinds of beautiful benefits like the pharmaceuticals of today. 

For example, Frankincense and Myrrh have a massive positive effect on our immune system and reducing of inflammation. There’s a lot of studies showing that Frankincense can reverse cancer in many cases. If you go online, you can search ‘frankincense and cancer’, you’ll find research from PubMed, Journal of American Medicine… there’s a lot of really good research out there.

Endless Benefits

So essential oils were the original medicinals. Physicians had a variety of plants with phytochemicals that have a very specific target in how it affects the body. Such as opening up your breathing, reduce inflammation, bringing about a situation of healing, improve hormones…there are so many beautiful things and benefits. 

Oils are great for your skin, your digestive system, your circulatory system – basically every aspect. They are even able to reduce stress and boost oxygen to the brain. There are all these benefits, and more, that come from essential oil use. 

As mentioned before, there has been a lot of science around essential oils, so there’s a lot of scientific data of the specific things that certain essential oils can do. 

There are your basic oils like Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender and Frankinsense. But there is such a variety and so many plant-based medicines. So if you believe in herbology, plants and letting ‘food be thy medicine’, one way that we concentrate is through this process of distillation. 

Why We Stopped Using Essential Oils

What’s happened is, in the last hundred years, pharmaceutical companies have come in and looked at these oils and have been like ‘wow’ there’s amazing benefits of white willow bark (for example) for thinning the blood and getting rid of headaches. 

So what they have done is they have taken crude oil and the carbon chain constructs of crude oil, to synthetically make chemicals that are similar to these phyto-nutrients. And they have turned them into pharmaceutical drugs. 

The problem with that is whenever you use a synthetic, you tend to have side-affects and toxicities that come with it. So with synthetics, a lot of times they will go into your system quicker and create an even more powerful impact straight away. So if you want a quick fix, such as with a pill, and have an immediate effect, that is when pharmaceuticals are really good. But they come with negative side effects.    

If you really want to heal, going back to actual medicinals and essential oils is really important to get into. And if you are going to get into it, you need to find a company that actually provides essential oils at the highest quality. A company that grows everything organically, actively tracking the plants and harvesting them at the right time.

This is because in the distillation process. If you have pesticides, herbicides and a non-clean environment, you are concentrating those things into the oil as well. 

So I wanted to give a brief history and information about essential oils and why I use them. I believe every physician and every human should be using these and getting the benefits. 

Check out more information, do your research and start to apply these into your daily regimes, rather than using perfumes and deodorants, etc. that have toxic chemicals. You will experience profound results and it will be become a love affair with essential oils for the rest of your life.      

Thanks for reading!


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