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The Heal Thy Self Academy is a unique and profound educational program that teaches the wisdom and methodologies of Tyler Tolman.


The Heal Thy Self Academy offers an intermediate level of training for those who have a genuine interest and passion in truly understanding their own body, how to heal themselves and how to help others on their journey to healing themselves. 

It's time to reclaim your power and become your own physician. This is an invaluable opportunity to invest in your health and your future. It will change the way you look at health forever.

Participants must have completed 

Heal Thy Self Express

“I am so grateful to be here for such a life changing program. I feel even more passionate about wellness and assisting others reach their optimum level of health. The program was so inspiring and the amount of knowledge I have gained over this past 10 days has been amazing. A huge thank you to Tyler for being so awesome. I am ready to spread the future of healing!”



Online21-30 August 2020
Online20-29 November 2020




Learn about the anatomy and physiology of the 7 body systems

Understand the contributing factors to disease from a physical and metaphysical level

Learn how to detoxify and nourish your body or others with delicious fresh whole foods, herbs, tea, cleanses, oils, emotional and energetic healing practices

You will receive your own iridology camera and an intermediate level of education in iridology and sclerology

Learn strategies and techniques to identify genetic weakness, toxicity, congestion and how to cleanse and heal these naturally

Participate in hands-on daily workshops to integrate and practice your new knowledge


Each day will be dedicated to specific organs of each of the 7 body systems. You will gain in-depth knowledge, experience, hands-on demonstrations and practice real-time assessments with tools, techniques and support from Tyler and his dedicated team of professionals. This is approximately how the days look like during the program.

6:00am – Morning activation and healing rituals with Tyler (rotation 1 morning on, 1 morning off)

7:30am – Free time to enjoy breakfast, the beach and the sunshine

9:00am – Education / Anatomy and Physiology / Iridology and Sclerology / Remedies

12:00pm – Free time to take in the sun or a massage, go for a walk and relax over lunch

2:30pm – Demonstration / Practical Workshop / Self-Assessment / Q&A

5:30pm – Own time to relax and unwind, have dinner and explore Bali

Day 5 is a day off that gives you the chance to reflect and absorb what you have learned. This is because the program is content heavy, and we have consulted with professionals to ensure that the program is as brain friendly as possible! 

The program will finish with a celebratory lunch concluding at 2.30pm on the last day, and you will receive a Certification of Completion of the Heal Thy Self Academy program.


The Heal Thy Self Academy happens on the beautiful island of Bali.

The island is known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. It's the lush and tranquil heart centre of the Heal Thy Self TRiBE and the location of Tyler's most popular retreats.

Bali enjoys warm weather year round, between 25-33°C (77-91°F). The coolest months are May, June and July with an average temperature of 28°C.

The Gold Coast has a sub-tropical climate with around 300 days of sunshine each year. In August, the weather is generally sunny and dry with average temperatures of around 21-25°C (70-77°F).


​A pre-requisite for this program is the completion of Heal Thy Self Express live or online.

Once you have completed this, you can enrol for the Heal Thy Self Academy program.

This is an education only event, and accommodation, meals and transport are not included.

Each participant must bring their own laptop. A Welcome Pack will be sent to you 3-4 weeks prior to the event with an eye camera that will also be needed for the program.

ENROL NOW and our team will be in contact with everything you need to know.


"This program was absolutely life changing. I didn't realise I would learn and grow so much personally as well as having the tools to work towards complete health for myself and a new career following my passion."


"My beautiful partner Sara was actually the one who first showed me what Tyler does and for this I am most grateful to her. I came here to learn how to heal my body and my life and now feel that i am already on the way to achieving that. The knowledge gained in such a short time was exactly what i personally needed and i now see some light shining in what has been a very long, dark tunnel called life. I hope that in the not to distant future that i will be able to help others in a similar way that Tyler has been.Loved every minute of the Academy, life changing and an awesome experience.Love, light and gratitude to Tyler and all crew members."

~ DON P​

"HTS Academy is a fantastic program that provides comprehensive knowledge on iridology and sclerology and basic overview of human anatomy. It offers practical techniques to provide to clients, friends and family to enhance their overall health :)"


"This experience was profound for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to with heal themselves (I believe all of us have done healing to do in some way) or friends, family or clients. Forever grateful for the things I have learnt and the wonderful souls I have met."



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