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The Heal Thy Self Academy is a unique and profound educational program which integrates the wisdom and methodologies of Tyler Tolman.


The Heal Thy Self Academy offers an intermediate level of training for those who have a genuine interest in truly understanding their own body & how to heal thyself. It is for individuals who have or desire to have a career in helping others on their own journey to healing.

It's time to reclaim your power and become your own physician. This is an invaluable opportunity to invest in your health and your future. It will change the way you look at health forever.

Participants must have completed the 3 Day Heal Thy Self Express Workshop

This program has offered life-changing experiences and can provide a beautiful future when these positive changes are taken on. Tyler is inspirational, helpful, committed to helping others and improving peoples’ knowledge on healthy life. I am blown away with the amount of knowledge and wisdom that one man has.




Learn about the anatomy and physiology of the body systems.

Understand the contributing factors to disease from a physical and metaphysical level.

Learn how to detoxify and nourish your body or others with delicious fresh whole foods, herbs, tea, cleanses, oils, emotional and energetic healing practices.

You will receive your own iridology camera and an intermediate level of understanding in iridology and sclerology.

Apply strategies and techniques to identify genetic weakness, toxicity, congestion and more & how to cleanse and heal these conditions naturally.

Participate in hands-on daily workshops to integrate and practice your new knowledge.


Each day will be dedicated to specific organs of each of the 7 body systems. You will gain in-depth knowledge, experience hands-on demonstrations and practice real-time assessments with tools, techniques and support from Tyler and his dedicated team of professionals.

6:00am – Morning activation and healing rituals with Tyler (Rotation 1 morning on, 1 morning off)

8:00am – Free time to enjoy breakfast, the beach and the sunshine

9:30am – Education / Anatomy & Physiology / Iridology & Sclerology / Remedies

12:30pm – Free time to take in the sun or a massage, go for a walk and relax over lunch

3:00pm – Demonstration / Practical Workshop / Self-Assessment / Q&A

6:30pm – Own time to relax and unwind, have dinner and explore Bali

The program will finish with a relaxing day, celebrating on a beautiful secluded island off the mainland and close with a Graduation Ceremony to acknowledge this time you have invested in yourself and your future. 

You will receive a Certification of Completion of the Heal Thy Self Academy program. 


The Heal Thy Self Academy is situated in the luxurious beachside paradise of Sanur, Bali. More laid back than neighbouring areas such as Seminyak, the vibration in Sanur is gentle and relaxed; conducive to learning and healing. It's the lush and tranquil heart centre of the Heal Thy Self Tribe and the location of Tyler's most popular retreats.

Sanur enjoys warm weather year round, between 25-33C. The coolest months are May, June and July with an average temperature of 28C.


Enrolment for the Heal Thy Self Academy is limited and approved by application only. This is to maximise the value and learning for each student.

Apply to enrol for the program and pay a Deposit of $500 USD. The deposit is fully refunded should your application not be successful. Price when you Pay in Full is $5,490 USD with a Payment Plan also available.

Please note each participant must bring their own laptop. Accommodation, meals and transport are not included. We will be happy to provide accommodation recommendations around the area and any contacts you need.

APPLY NOW and our team will be in contact with everything you need to know.


"I have implemented many of Tyler’s suggestions and I feel great! I’ve lost 5 kgs and my body is changing shape. I am now proud of my body and the way I feel in it."


"Essential info that is URGENTLY needed by anyone who wants to live a rich and healthy life. I will recommend it to anyone and everyone I can!"


"Amazing! I am pre diabetic and was feeling awful. I was totally addicted to sugar and struggling to get off the binge eating merry go round. I was tired, had no energy, aches and pains etc. I have lost 7kg, now weigh just under 60kgs. I feel so good, everybody comments on how well I look. I have more energy. I no longer crave sugar or food in general"


"I feel like a totally new woman. I have embraced the knowledge I have be given throughout my experiences and will consciously use it to change my future life journey to self betterment and improvement. I struggled at times but made it. Yippee, I feel amazing. Thank you Tyler and your HEAL THEY SELF Programs. Especially your fabulous Chef Cynthia."



Do I really need to bring my laptop?

What’s included?

If I’m not sure about something after the Academy, where can I go for support?

What’s the return on investment?

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