heal thy self fast


The Heal Thy Self Fast is a full 8-day program (inclusive of a 7-day juice or water fast) to purge physical, mental, emotional and energetic toxicity.

You will be amazed at how effective fasting is to bring about healing on multiple levels.

“This event has been life changing, inspirational, challenging and awesome. So full of content, I felt supported, engaged and challenged every step of the way”


*Results may vary from person to person


The Heal Thy Self Fast is for anybody who wants more passion in their lives, more loving relationships (with themselves and with others), and a body that feels alive and vital.   

Heal Thy Self Fast is designed for people who are ready to commit to themselves. To break free from their past limitations and get out of their comfort zone so they can finally live the life they were born to enjoy.


Tyler Tolman

Tyler Tolman is a world-renowned speaker, entrepreneur, media personality, event facilitator, truth-seeker and one of the world’s leading authorities on natural healing and longevity. He is known for his expert advice in natural health, wholefoods and the fundamentals required for a balanced and abundant life. 

Tyler’s fierce desire to help others is the secret behind his compelling teaching presence. He cuts through the noise with simple yet profound advice and has made headlines by helping people to heal themselves from conditions deemed incurable by western medicine. Always guided by the principles of “fresh is best” and “first do no harm”, Tyler’s knowledge is truly eye-opening. 

Michael Adamedes

Michael Adamedes

Michael Adamedes is a personal development facilitator, public speaker, teacher, counsellor and leader in the field of inner peace mastery. He has been a private practitioner for more than 30 years and is the founder of Australia’s first and foremost rebirthing centre, the well-known Euroa Centre in Balmain, Sydney.

He is an astute detective of the unconscious mind! Michael has dedicated his career to the remarkable process of clearing psychological and emotional conditioning from the body’s cellular memory. Old traumas, blocks, triggers, dysfunctional relationship patterns, which limit us from living a full and happy life, can be expertly released with Michael’s loving presence. We are truly excited to have him join us here in Bali.


Morning: Juice or Water
Lunch: Juice or Water
Dinner: Juice or Water, and Broth
All day: Coconut Water & WATER!

We will break the 7-day fast gently with beautiful organic fruit and nourishing organic whole foods. 


The Heal Thy Self Fast program takes place in the luxurious beachside paradise of Sanur, Bali. It’s more laid back than neighbouring areas such as Seminyak, and the vibration in Sanur is gentle and relaxed, which is very conducive to healing. It’s a little like Ubud by the beach.

Sanur Beach is also the lush and tranquil heart-centre of the Heal Thy Self team. This is where we stream live from when we’re not on tour! It enjoys warm weather year round, between 25-33C. The coolest months are May, June and July with an average temperature of 28°C.

"There was never a low point. The love + energy flowed freely, & abundantly. The knowledge a wisdom Tyler gave to us was amazing. The adventures were well planned + fantastic."


"I found it thoroughly inspiring, relaxing, energizing, stimulating. It was very well and the quality of everything was exceptional eg accommodation, juice, excursions. The knowledge I gained is life changing and worth millions. It covered so many aspects of life living.”


"Best 7 days of my life. Learnt so much about myself - inadvertently so enjoyable = so many smiles."



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    Dynamic workshops on nutrition, relationships and passion with Tyler Tolman
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    The education you need to know about fasting safely, backed by scientific research
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    Empowering meditations and energetic-release sessions
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    Breakfast-time, lunchtime and dinnertime sustenance (juice/water/broth)
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    Individual rooms in luxury accommodation and airport transfers (from/to Denpasar Airport)
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    Fun, inspiration and heartfelt connections with a supportive group of like-minded people
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    A beautiful ritual for breaking a fast which will have your mouth watering
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    Insights into ancient practices, breathing rituals, meditations and other holistic healing tools
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    Amazing support crew
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All other expenses such as flights, visas, non-airport transfers, food outside of the program, car hire, scooter hire, and any other activities or shopping during our outings, tours, etc, are at the your own expense.


Can I bring a friend or partner?

Absolutely! For two people sharing room, we will take $500USD off of the total price.

Can I bring a child?

Yes, you can as long as they’re over the age of 14. This is due to the intensity of the program. Children registered in the program must follow the juice fast sustenance protocol. We cannot cater to separate food requests outside of what has been included. Parents need to be aware of this requirement before enrolling their children into the program.

Can I bring my own food? 

We ask that you respect the people who will be fasting with you. It would not be appropriate to bring food into a fasting program as this may impact upon the ability of other people to successfully complete their fast. 

What support is available if I get triggered from a trauma-related experience?

Fasting will bring up emotions and physical or energetic releases of all kinds. That’s why we’ve asked Michael Adamedes to join us. Michael has more than three decades of experience as a counsellor in his Sydney private practice, Inner Peace Mastery. He is also the creator of “Dysfunctional Pattern Clearing”, a therapy for releasing negative psychological and emotional patterns. He has the most incredible ability to tune into a person and guide them through their process to achieve a whole new level of freedom.

We hope this answers most of your questions.
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Heal Thy Self Fast Dates

Bali20 - 28 June 2020