Men's Sexual Health | How to Improve Your Performance in the Bedroom


Men’s Sexual Health | How to Improve Your Performance in the Bedroom

Men’s Sexual Health | How to Improve Your Performance in the Bedroom

All right, this one is for you, guys.

In this video, I want to talk about erectile dysfunction (ED), and then I want to get into premature ejaculation.

It’s not something guys go around talking about a lot, but I know it is something that’s really on a lot of men’s minds out there as to why this is actually happening. 

Erectile Dysfunction

First and foremost, with erectile dysfunction, there are some areas that we can definitely explore.

If you’re having a tough time getting it up, guys, it’s one of the first signs that there are some major health issues that are starting to happen.

#1 Hormones

There’s a good chance your hormones are out of balance, so we need to bring the hormones back into balance.

Now, what’s affecting hormonal imbalance? Well maybe you’ve taken steroids in the past for bodybuilding, and it’s throwing your hormones out of whack.

Maybe you’ve been on medications of some kind, or maybe you’ve been exposed to what we call ‘endocrine disruptors’. This actually disrupts the hormones of the body so that they’re not communicating properly, and erectile dysfunction is one of the side effects.

#2 Plastics

You need to avoid using plastics in your foods and drinking out of plastics that have BPAs. Choose BPA-free plastic because that’s one of the big culprits.

I recommend eating more organic, fresh fruits and vegetables. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, all these types of things play a role in disrupting the endocrine system.

When you eat fresh fruit – oranges, bananas, (bananas are one of the greatest things for erectile dysfunction), papayas, mangoes, and apples – these all have the capacity for cleaning the lymphatic system, cleaning out all the waste, and allowing the endocrine system to function the way that it should.

#3 Movement and Diet

It really comes down to two things mainly – exercise (or movement) and diet.

I would say diet is actually more important. When you build your blood, when you clean your body out with what you’re eating, when you get that circulation happening, erections are not a problem.

And then exercising and strength training really makes a difference. I notice it all the time; as soon as I go do deadlifts, I start to do some weights, I do some jiu-jitsu, or high-intensity training, and my libido just goes through the roof.

At any age, when you get into a system of strength training and movement, along with a type of diet that’s going to clean out the bad stuff and get everything flowing, you’re going to be moving in a really positive direction.

Now, I have a program called H•E•A•L (Health, Education and Lifestyle), that is going to teach you very meticulously everything that you can do to get things working and heal yourself, because as soon as you have problems getting it up, you think, “Oh my gosh, I’ve got a problem”.

Then you focus on the problem and it gets worse.

You need to forget about the problem and just be in action with whatever you can do. This H•E•A•L program is going to teach you the whole gamut of things you need to do to get that back so that you can continue to be a man.

Premature Ejaculation

The next thing I want to focus on is premature ejaculation. Some people have major problems with this.

The best thing you can do is a set of exercises called Kegel exercises. Now, the best way to explain this, guys, is when you go to the toilet, you basically urinate and then stop it, and then urinate and then stop it, and then urinate and then stop it.

You’re actually strengthening the sphincter muscles that will strengthen the prostate and the muscles that are holding that ejaculation back. Then when you’re in the process of making love, the muscles are strong and you can go for a while.

When it gets to a heightened experience, you can pull back and relax and focus on your breath, because when you’re too focused on what’s going on down there, it feels really good and that’s when you can have that premature ejaculation.

If this is something that’s happening in the first minute or two of making love, obviously you want to be able to go longer to have a better experience to please your partner. Do these exercises, focus on your breath, and when the experience is becoming really heightened, pull back. You can always pull out and play and please your partner, then go again. It’s overtime and distance that you’re going to be able to go longer.

There’s a lot more that I’d like to explore with this, maybe in another video, but I can tell you that nutrition is key, exercise is key, and being in flow with your circulatory system. All these things are really going to help.

Beyond that, I’d recommend checking out H•E•A•L, doing Kegel exercises, making sure your nutrition is optimal to avoid erectile dysfunction, and then, at a later date, we’ll have a conversation specifically about sex and how to improve the qualities of sex.

Thanks for reading!


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