Passion | 7 Principles Of Health | Tyler Tolman
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Passion | 7 Principles Of Health
passion | 7 principles of health

Passion | 7 Principles Of Health

Let’s talk ‘passions‘…

I know a lot about ‘passions‘ because I have a lot of things that I am passionate about. Then I have one main overview subject that I’m really passionate about, and I have been living my passion for the last couple of decades…

I’m extremely passionate about health in general; mental, emotional, physical… anything to do with health, vitality and longevity, fasting, whole foods, 7 Principles of Health, long-lived cultures, ancient Egypt… there are a lot of things that I’m passionate about. Within so many different genres it comes back to how I can perfect my own body, mind, spirit, growth, evolution…so I’m very clear on what my passion is. 

Within the overview of health, there are little niches within that I’m also super passionate about, like fasting in general, lifestyle and intermittent fasting, anything that leads to longevity. 

Passion is one of the 7 Principles of Health. We identify it with the symbol of fire, here’s why…

We have these 7 Principles of Health that the longest lived cultures have in common and I would say that passion is one of the most important. The reason I say that is I know people and I know OF people that have lived their whole lives doing everything against the seven principles; when it comes to air, they smoke, they don’t drink enough water, they don’t exercise their bodies the way they should, don’t know what whole foods are, and they only have relationshits.

So they aren’t following any of the principles, except for passion…this one, some people have this fire and they’re so excited about it.

They don’t think about drinking water, or doing exercise, or getting in the sunshine. They are only thinking about their passion and they’ll live a long life doing that. So when I look at the word ‘passion’, I see it in different parts.

When I see this word, I see it as ‘passing-ions’, putting a little mark between ‘pass’ and ‘ion’… When I’m doing something I love it’s like there’s this electrical energy, this force passion of ions that energizes and somehow nourishes the body in a way that keeps it going. I feel this electrical force when I’m on stage especially, speaking and teaching, doing what I love. I love articulating simple ways, like taking advanced science and being able to explain it and teach what I do with it, rather than having to try and understand it, making it less complicated.

I truly believe if you do the things that you really love, finding your passion, or the few things that you’re passionate about, and dedicate your life and take the time to do these things, you’ll figure out, over time, of passing these ions. Learning so much through the process of just being passionate. 

I’m so passionate about learning about fasting, eventually I learned so much that I started to apply it, gaining wisdom and eventually inspiring other people to fast… ‘pass I on‘. With time, experience and dedication to my passion, I gained enough skill and knowledge to pass on the information I have learned. 

It all started with a passion for health and fasting to educate myself and putting what I have learned into practice, thereby gaining experience and wisdom. And with my passion to share and educate these learnings and committing my life to this work, I eventually started to have a presence. People were willing to spend a lot of money to have me facilitate this process of growth, detoxification and regeneration and be around like-minded people that I bring into my space.

You can do the same. Whatever it is you really love, you just need to get into it and absorb yourself into your passion to learn everything about it, gain experience and perspectives. Then develop a model and make it your own brand.

Here’s an example…

There are people who just love riding bikes, and you wonder how you are going to make a living just riding a bike. Well, there’s this guy who decided he was going to ride a bike, and that’s all her ever did. He rode pretty much all day, every day and traveled everywhere riding his bike. Then he started posting on YouTube about all his experiences while riding, and conversations he was having along the way, and before you know it, he’s getting paid $15-$20K a month from YouTube.

Just do what you’re passionate about and everything changes. I have just a simple little drawing that I want to do that I think will give you some insights. The question right now is, what are you passionate about?

To start, I recommend sitting down and asking yourself a question, what are the things that I really love? What really sets me on fire? When I go to a party and I’m having a conversation, what are the conversations where I’m like, ‘yeah, I want to be a part of that’, or ‘I could talk and listen about that all day’? This will guide you to what you’re really passionate about. 

Here’s a drawing and an example that I got from Buckminster Fuller.

You’ve got this bee and it searches for a flower.

Why does the bee go to the flower? Most people say the bee goes to the flower for pollen, but that’s actually incorrect. Buckminster Fuller talks about this process called a ‘processional effect‘, and what the bee is actually doing, is what it is passion about… going to the flower. This is because the flower is absolutely gorgeous, and it smells amazing. He’s probably just flying along, sees these flowers, and thinks ‘wow look at that’ and goes into this flower. Now, the flower has something to offer – beautiful tasting nectar.

The bee drinks the nectar, gets tons of energy from it, then goes back to the beehive and deposits the nectar, making honey. The bee is just doing what its passionate about, passing ions through its body. But, by doing what it loves, it’s also fed and receiving its bliss. 

The bee isn’t asking what its purpose is, nor trying to fulfill its purpose. In fact, the bee just does what it loves, following its passion for drinking the nectar of all these flowers. But what happens with this processional effect of just doing what it loves, is it pollinates and heads to the next flower. And as we know, this is the process for growing flowers, fruit and making our earth beautiful. 

I believe there’s millions of people running around that are not passionate, haven’t found their passion or don’t believe they can actually do what they love. The key is to find your passion, focus on it and your purpose will be fulfilled. 

To help identify your passion, ask yourself some questions:

What did I love doing as a child or teenager?
Over my lifetime, what are the jobs or the things that stood out the most?
Where did I have the greatest connection?
What was I doing when I really loved life and could I actually create my stream of that?
Was there something I really love doing, but didn’t love doing it for somebody else, and can create it for myself?

The truth is, if you choose to master something, you can go out and you can do it yourself and do it just as good or better if you commit to that process.

Note: Your passion doesn’t have to be something that is a career.

I believe every person’s life goal should be focused on what they can do for the rest of their life and create that for themselves.

Feed you soul – feed your health.

Thanks for reading!


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