Rapidly Reduce Detox Symptoms and Enjoy Your Fast with These Awesome Tips | Tyler Tolman
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Rapidly Reduce Detox Symptoms and Enjoy Your Fast with These Awesome Tips
detox symptoms

Rapidly Reduce Detox Symptoms and Enjoy Your Fast with These Awesome Tips

One of the most common questions or concerns I get from people about fasting is how to deal with any detox symptoms that arise.

Detox symptoms can range from major emotional swings and physical reactions such as vomiting, to mild emotional irritations, headaches, and flu-like symptoms. You might all of a sudden break out in some type of rash or something, pimples come out on the skin.

It all depends on what your body is letting go of. Many times, if you’re addicted to caffeine, you will experience some withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, or getting ‘the shakes’. Whatever the case, it’s always better to have these toxins come out and you’ll feel WAY better afterwards.

I feel it’s really important to be aware of the potential detox symptoms. Why? So you don’t freak out and stop straight away, and so you know how to manage them in the best way possible to support your fasting process.

How to Rapidly Reduce Nausea

If you have some detox symptoms come on suddenly and you feel really lethargic, sick, nauseous in the stomach and you feel like you need to puke, then here’s what you do… Drink a heap of water and actually stick your finger down your throat, go into the bathroom and puke. I’m serious. You’ll feel better instantly because you’re helping your body get rid of whatever it’s trying to get out!

What happens when you fast is that your body is releasing a lot of toxins which often build up in the stomach. It’s really common to have people say , “Oh, I feel like I’ve got to puke.” They’re doing everything they can to keep themselves from puking. I’m like, “No, here, drink this water and puke.” Once they do, they feel SO much better! It’s always about supporting the body in what it’s naturally trying to do.

Detox Headache Remedy that is Rapidly Effective

If you have a headache, I recommend having a teaspoon of sea salt in a litre of water and really chugging that down.

Then I would recommend getting a cold rag dipped in salt water, wring it out a bit and add peppermint essential oil, and actually put it onto your forehead and lay back and relax. You’ll be surprised how quickly this takes away the headache.

Use the therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil on your temples and on the back of your neck, then take the bottle and smell it. Three big deep breaths in through the nose, and breathe it out.

The Key to Helping any Detox Symptoms

The key is to understand how your body works, and that detox symptoms come when your body is overloaded and struggling to remove the toxins being released.

So the best way to help is to maximise the release through the body’s channels of elimination.

There are four channels of elimination: Defecation, Urination, Perspiration, Respiration (pooping, peeing, sweating and breathing).

If you feel your bowels are blocked or sluggish then try doing an enema or a salt flush. To do a salt flush put a heaped tablespoon of sea salt or Epsom salt into a litre of warm water and drink it down. It will flush through your system eliminating toxins, eliminating poo, and all the stuff that’s accumulated. [Warning: Stay near a toilet for 1-2 hours after doing a salt flush!]

The best way to maximise toxin elimination through urination is by drinking heaps of fluid. When you are properly hydrated then you’ll eliminate more toxins through your urine.

Then there’s perspiration. When I’m out in the sun, I’m sweating to a degree. In that sweat there are toxins coming out, helping the whole elimination process. So build up a sweat regularly by doing some exercise or using a sauna.

The last one is respiration. Every time you exhale, you are eliminating a massive amount of carbonic acid, which is a form of toxins in your body. And every time you inhale, you’re breathing in oxygen which is alkalizing the body. Not only that, when you breath deeply you’re expanding the diaphragm which is massaging your lymphatic system and further allowing those toxins to be eliminated through defecation and urination.

The best way to remind yourself to breathe deeply is to do my 7 rounds of 7 as many times as possible throughout the day. Five, six, seven, eight times a day, whatever it takes. Put a reminder in your phone or computer. In fact do it right NOW! 

Prevent and Reduce Detox Symptoms with a Positive Mindset

Whilst it is very fundamental to have the 4 channels of elimination opened, I want to highlight that, most importantly, you should stay in a positive mindset. “This is good for me, I’m healing.” Stay positive, don’t go into the dark stuff, you’re going to feel ten times better real soon.

Thanks for reading!


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