Rebuilding Cartilage Through Fasting And Stem Cell Creation
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Rebuilding Cartilage Through Fasting And Stem Cell Creation

Rebuilding Cartilage Through Fasting And Stem Cell Creation

Knee Surgery or New Cartilage? Don’t Fake It, Make It!

Unfortunately, many people believe if they injure a ligament in their knee, or if the cartilage in a joint wears out over time, they have no other choice but surgery to repair it. Don’t believe it!

Like every other part of the body-hair, fingernails, bones-cartilage is constantly regenerating itself. The problem is that you may be wearing it down faster than it can replenish itself. That would be like constantly using a nail file until you’ve completely filed your fingernail away, and then thinking it won’t ever grow back. As soon as you stopped filing, the full nail would regenerate again.

Trust Your Inner Mammal

I like to look to Nature for answers, and if you observe other mammals-from little mice to large lions-you’ll find that when they injure themselves, they naturally do a fast. That’s right. They lie down, drink water, and allow time to heal. In the process, they burn fat and shrink muscle down to where they literally show the bones beneath their skin. But while that’s happening, they are actually using energy to regenerate embryonic stem cells. These cells repair and rebuild all the tissue in their bodies; anything that’s damaged or broken heals faster.

Nature’s Healing Fast and Diet

Like all other mammals on the planet, we can use fasting-water or juice-to give our bodies a chance to heal. If you’ve done a lot of damage, I recommend a 30-40 day water or juice fast. (Recent research has shown that drinking high-alkaline juices also generates embryonic stem cells.) Fasting, along with fresh air, relaxation and minimal physical activity will reboot your metabolism and help your body heal.

Then, move to 30-60 days on a diet of 80 percent fresh fruit and vegetables. For breakfast, fruit straight from the tree has the highest sulfur content to promote healing (and sulfur quickly dissipates as the freshness fades). For lunch, cruciferous vegetables-like broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus-are also high in sulfur and are especially great in salads. Raw is best-add a favorite dip for snacking-or you can lightly steam them. During this time you begin walking for exercise and doing a bit of strength training.

Just Recovery or Real Regeneration?

When people consult me before undergoing surgery, I put it to them this way: If you have surgery, you’re going to be laid up for four to six weeks doing nothing anyway. Why not take that time to fast and relax, heal and rebuild without the surgery? I’ve seen it happen with plenty of people who’ve gone through my 30-day program specifically for this purpose. You can do it too.

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