Shilajit | Ayurvedic Herb | Uses & Benefits


Shilajit | Ayurvedic Herb | Uses & Benefits

Shilajit | Ayurvedic Herb | Uses & Benefits

I’m super excited to talk to you about my absolute favourite product. I get so much out of this, so I’m excited to share with you this product called Shilajit (“shee-luh-jeet”).

We joke around in our community and call it ‘Shit’s-la-jit’ because this shit IS legit!!

Discovery of Shilajit

A little bit of history of Shilajit… Some monks and people in the high Himalayas, legitimately, found some birds that were up against the rocks with their beaks open. They were licking this mineral from the mountain. There are places in the Himalayas, where the mountains are coming together, with big cracks and this stuff oozes out of the crack. It’s like this primordial ooze. That’s what Shilajit is, coming out of these cracks in a form similar to resin. 

Over thousands and thousands of years all the trees and foliage and all these natural things that have gone underground and have been smashed together creating this primordial ooze.

Why it's Legit

Shilajit has over 84 different amazing minerals. It also contains something specific called fulvic and humic acid. In fact, there is a lot of research about fulvic and humic acid being able to remove certain toxins out of the body very effectively.

I know there is a lot going on these days with poisoning bodies. This poisoning can be from the environment, injections, food products, and all kinds of other sources. Shilajit contains a component called C60. C60 is kind of like this soccer ball-looking nano-particle that when you consume Shilajit, it comes into the body through this nano-particle and it travels through the brain, lymphatic system, blood and everything. 

These C60 balls are empty and as they move through the body, they grab onto things (toxins) with a positive charge. Things with a positive charge are like mercury, graphene oxide, pesticides, herbicides… all types of different toxins. C60 grabs onto these toxins and it clears them out through the urinary system and other means. So it detoxifies the body. It’s amazing!!

But even if it didn’t do that, the fulvic acid, specifically, is this carrier that is an amazing helper for minerals to get inside our bodies. When we get minerals inside ourselves, our bodies have the capacity to be much more efficient at making energy called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). So if there is excess glucose, or excess fatty acids (amino) and they need to be burned, fulvic acid really helps in this process.

I am so passionate about this product that I sourced it and brought it into my product range! Tolman Health Shilajit is one of the highest qualities of Shilajit available and you can get it from my online store. Direct from the Himalayan mountain source that has been highly tested. It’s purified of any potential toxicity – it’s just all the good qualities of the minerals. 

Easy to Take with Big Benefits

You only need a pea-sized amount, just the smallest amount, and you simply put it in your tea, coffee, smoothie or just some warm water, and drink it. And I know, if you do this maybe once or twice a day, within about a week you are going to feel absolutely amazing. 

All your cells will be getting all the minerals it needs – your brain is being fed. One of the highest benefits of Shilajit is mental clarity. Memory, mental clarity and focus will be radically improved.

Great for the Boys

There’s been a massive amount of research looking at sperm count and motility of sperm when using Shilajit. So for fertility for men, specifically, Shilajit increases motility and sperm count. 

There have also been studies that show this ayurvedic herb radically increases testosterone in men between the ages 45 and 55. Now, of course, it probably increases testosterone for all men, but the study was done on healthy men in this age bracket, which is when a lot of the time, testosterone is starting to go down. 

Taking Shilajit for 90 days will radically increase testosterone. The energy you will feel as a result of this is so good for being motivated, for sex, working out and just generally feeling good…about being a man. 

Just as Good for the Ladies

Now that doesn’t mean it is just for men, there are so many qualities of Shilajit that are good for women as well. Any human-being who is getting more mineral content, and has the capacity to uptake those minerals, is going to have more energy and more clarity. It’s just an amazing natural resource.

As I said at the beginning, Shilajit contains components that detoxifies the body of all kinds of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and other things inside the body that we definitely don’t want there. 

So definitely check this product out. The original name, Shilajit, actually means ‘a destroyer of weakness’. Even my Mom, after having a bad reaction to the j ab, was very weak. I got her on this stuff and shortly after she started to feel amazing. She even flew to Mexico to go on vacation, got out in the sun and got some Vitamin D. 

This is one product I definitely will not live without, which is why we had to make it available to you in our online store. Give it a go – it’s amazing!

Thanks for reading!


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