Understanding What Causes Rosacea By Looking at Your Face
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Understanding What Causes Rosacea by Looking at Your Face

Understanding What Causes Rosacea by Looking at Your Face

Recently I had someone ask me what causes rosacea? This is actually a very interesting condition in that a lot of people think that it’s basic acne but it’s really not and what causes rosacea to appear in each individual is often very different. In fact rosacea is really more of a symptom of something happening internally in that individual.

To understand why rosacea is occurring you should start to take note of where it’s appearing on the face. I’ve trained in something called Face Glyphics. It’s the understanding that our entire body is a reflex organism meaning if I have something appearing on my chin it’s actually a reflex (sign or signal) that there’s a place in my body where there’s some toxicity, or a blockage, or disease type tissue. Super interesting stuff. Face glyphics works not just for rosacea but for any condition appearing on the face.

How to Diagnose and Find Out What Causes Rosacea

I want to give you just a couple of examples of how taking note of where the rosacea is appearing might give you some clues to the underlying issue.

If it’s happening on the cheeks this is a very specific signal that there is something up with the stomach. This is a sign that what you’ve been eating has been disagreeing with your stomach and that the stomach needs time to take a break to relax and heal. Maybe a different type of lifestyle is required also, one with less stress.

If you have rosacea lower on your face, for example along the jaw line, this area is related to the lungs. If it’s appearing on your forehead then it is most likely a digestive related issue. It could also be that you’re in your mind too much, thinking constantly and you need to take time out to meditate and allow yourself more rest.

When it’s appearing on the chin this is indicative of a reproductive or hormonal issue. Around the eyes presents the kidneys, more specifically if it’s outside of the corner of the eyes that’s pointing to an issue with the adrenal glands. The liver is represented by the area directly between the eye brows, and just above the eye brows is the bladder.

Cleansing to Heal the Real Cause

All the different areas in the face represent something. If you have rosacea and it’s a repeated condition generally I would say there needs to be a level of cleansing in order to allow the entire body to heal itself. You can also maybe look into specific foods that support different parts of the body.

One woman I saw had rosacea on her cheeks and was desperately seeking a solution. I asked if she’d suffered from stomach issues in the past and she confirmed that from time she was a little girl she’d had lots of stomach issues. She’d been seeking medical advice for years but no on had ever linked the rosacea and the stomach problems for her. Based on this I was able to walk her through how she could heal her stomach through fasting and other means.

For example if you’re having some stomach issues as in the case above very soft types of foods like papaya and melons can be extremely healing for the stomach. So maybe fasting on melons like watermelons, honey dew, cantaloupe or rock melon would be a good option.

External Treatments

Now externally you can help the skin through the process of Guasha. A mix of bicarbonate soda and alcohol that you use like a body scrub to really deep clean and open up the skin. Another thing that would be very beneficial is skin brushing. This stimulates the lymphatic system and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin. Take note of what skin products you’re using as well. Always go for things like coconut oil and fresh essential oils that are not toxic externally.

Although these external treatments will help to some degree I promise you that all conditions of this nature develop from an issue in your internal environment. Basically there is something wrong with a specific organ of the body, so it comes back to really getting into some purification work and changing your lifestyle.

So check out face glyphics to see if that gives you a clue and do a cleanse to help solve the real cause.

Thanks for reading!


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