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Whole Foods | 7 Principles Of Health

Whole Foods | 7 Principles Of Health

Let’s talk about whole foods. I’m not talking about a whole pizza, or a whole donut. And I’m not talking about the donut hole.

I’m talking about whole food. Things that grow out of the ground that are complete. Roots, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. All the beautiful things that mother nature has to offer. 

For some reason whole foods have been so bastardized and put down by society. People are actually scared to eat fruit! They worry about it having too much sugar, or if it causes cancer.


Fruit cleanses our lymphatic system and hydrates us. 

Some Hidden Goodness in Fruit

If you look into all the studies that are out there that have researched all the different fruits, you’ll see they have found anti-cancer nutrients that actually kill cancer cells. Cause cancer cell called Apoptosis.

Look into bromelain, found in pineapple, and see what it does. And all the digestive enzymes that it provides as well, supporting us to digest other foods. Specifically protease, which helps you to digest other proteins. It’s high in iodine, which supports thyroid health and will actually detoxify the thyroid.

There are so many different fruits that contain hidden benefits. Another example is the papaya, it has something call papain. Papain has been implicated as an anti-cancer nutrient.

Raspberries, strawberries, and other berries are absolutely amazing in containing ellagic acid. Ellagic acid is a nutrient, a major discovery by the American Cancer Society, that literally destroys cancer. 

This information can all be found on PubMed. I’d be happy to provide some links for you as well – so you can look into this. 

There are so many different scientific studies about fruit and its capacity to support human health in detoxification. 

So we need to start eating it. 

Whole Foods Working with our Bodies

Vegetables – these are what make us strong. They are the foods that ground us. 

Greens are full of chlorophyll. It’s the chlorophyll that mimics our blood plasma and hemoglobin that gives us energy and vitality. The building blocks of everything.

We have 2 fluid systems in the body.

One is called the Lymphatic System which detoxes all our body’s cells and acids, and the best thing for our lymphatic system is fruit. Especially citrus. All citrus is astringent and really helps to clean out the lymphatic system. All fruit hydrates and helps to clean out the lymphatic system.

And then we have the other fluid system, the Blood System, that builds everything and gives us energy. Your nails, skin and hair….everything is made from blood. The building blocks are in the blood – chlorophyll matches that. 

So the best way to build your blood is to eat or drink chlorophyll, which comes from everything that is green. From broccoli to brussel sprouts to asparagus to spinach and kale, parsley and coriander. All these beautiful herbs have so many other great capacities as well, for detoxification of heavy metals and many other benefits. 

If you want to have good clean healthy skin and natural hair colour, look up Ann Wigmore. She wrote a book about her experience… This woman was in her 50’s when her started to turn grey. In her 60’s, she had a full head of grey hair. She then discovered something called Wheat Grass, and she started drinking it every day. By her 70’s, she had a full head of natural black hair – just from radically building her blood with wheat grass, and alkalising her body. 

I provide all kinds of products and education to support and teach how we can heal ourselves. It’s simple, we need to get back to the farm, get back to eating whole foods…. just getting back to the truth. Everyone has been lied to when they’ve been told nutrition comes in a little plastic bottle with little plastic capsules.

Well, I call bullshit.

These industries that have made trillions of dollars over the years, wanting you to believe there are no nutrients in our soils anymore and there are no nutrients in our food. 

It’s completely not true.

A tomato can’t actually grow up to become a tomato unless it gets everything it needs. Now of course, I don’t recommend eating genetically modified foods. I don’t recommend eating a bunch of chemicals on foods, you can wash them off. You can buy organic, that has a better profile of nutrients. But all the nutrients in an organic tomato are the same as a conventional tomato. There’s just more of it. 

So there’s no excuse not to go and get whole foods. So, if the body really wants lycopene or vitamin B, or vitamin C, etc. it’s going to get it as long as we’re eating the right foods. 

So stop wasting your money on pills and buying crap food. Instead of wasting your money on all the supplements and all the bullshit out there, actually spend money on quality food and take your time with it. And believe it or not, less is more. You don’t have to consume massive quantities of food to get all the good stuff. When we eat less, our body gets used to digesting the proteins, the fats and the carbohydrates and it does it quite efficiently. 

In fact, the longest lived cultures on the planet eat the least amount of calories. It’s one of the greatest things you can do to increase your lifespan – to decrease your caloric intake. Eat real food and get off the supplements. I understand if you have a deficiency that you might need a supplement, but you need to figure out how to get rid of that deficiency. It most likely comes back to your gut. Almost all deficiencies are related to gut inflammation. 

Ask yourself, how did the gut inflammation get there in the first place?

Process foods, eating too much cooked food, eating too much perservative colours, artificial ingredients, and so on. 

It really comes down to simplicity when we eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds….eat your whole foods!

Helen Young

Top Tip from a Tolman Health Coach

“Transitioning to a whole food diet can be overwhelming at first. Simple things  you can introduce that don’t mean completely changing your diet overnight:

1. Have fruit, smoothies or juices as the first thing you eat each day; 
2. If you eat meat for dinner, half the amount of meat and double your veggies.”

Thanks for reading!


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