Why do People Have Such a Fear of the Sun? | Tyler Tolman
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Why do People Have Such a Fear of the Sun?

Why do People Have Such a Fear of the Sun?

What if….the very thing we’re told is preventing cancer is actually causing it?

Yes, I’m talking about sunscreen.

There are two reasons why I believe sunscreen actually causes cancer…

Number One:

People putting on sunscreen all over their body anytime they go in the sun is preventing the critical nutrient, Vitamin D, to be up-taken by the sun. When you put on sunscreen, you’re not getting Vitamin D, which is needed to prevent osteoporosis, nervous system conditions and even many forms of cancer.

Number Two:

Most sunscreens contain petrochemicals, which create an anaerobic, acidic environment on the skin. If you just simply turn over your sunblock and read all of the ingredients and chemicals in the sunscreen, you’ll see that you’re putting those ingredients on your skin and then baking it into your skin by getting into the sun.

Researchers, Cedric Garland and William Grant, from the University of Southern California stated that our ability to get Vitamin D is one of the number one fighters in cancer, including skin cancer, prostate cancer, and digestive colon cancer.

So basically, a lack of Vitamin D is one of the most contributing factors to skin cancer. 

Is it actually the sun causing skin cancer?

I believe the answer is no.

When we look at the longest-lived cultures around the world and go to places like Africa, where people are out in the sun all day, every day, we’ll discover that there are actually very low cases, almost non-existent, of people getting skin cancer.

Yet, if you take these same people and you put them in the United States (called migrational studies) they start to develop skin cancer.

Why is that?

The reason is when you go to the United States, the diet changes. All of a sudden, people are eating high-fat foods, processed foods. They’re exposed to carcinogens in the form of preservatives, artificial colours and artificial sweeteners. They’re eating way more animal protein because it’s very cheap in western countries.

So all of a sudden they’re eating all this crap food. 

Cornell University has been doing research on cancer for over 30 years, showing that the number one cause and factor for cancer growth is excess animal protein.

This is the number one factor in causing insulin-like growth factor to boost really high. The insulin-like growth factor is the number one cause of all cancer growth.

There have been studies in the United States and all over the world, and even one study from Sweden that followed 30,000 women for over 20 years. What they discovered is that women who avoided the sun because they were afraid of it causing cancer were two times more likely to get skin cancer than women who are out daily with sun exposure and even sun baking.

What is the solution?

Well, the solution is to have some intelligence and go into the sun and manage our time.

When we go out into the sun a little bit at a time, we produce melanin and the skin gets darker so that we can handle more sunlight. Our body develops Vitamin D. It literally helps us to prevent all kinds of sickness.

What you can also do is start to look at plant-based oils that have a natural SPF quality without having all the chemicals. Things like coconut oil have a natural 5 to 7 SPF. So, a little bit of coconut oil can help you to go in the sun a little bit longer.

If you get carrot seed or raspberry seed oil and mix it with coconut oil, it takes it up to about 30 SPF. And, you’ve got to remember that these are natural plant-based oils, so they’re good for the skin and they’re also preventing you from burning.

If you like the idea of making your own personal health care products, you’ll find a module on this, plus some recipes, in my H•E•A•L program.

So, bring it back to simplicity, bring it back to some truth, and go get in the sun.

Thanks for reading!


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