3 Tips to Not Lose it Over Christmas
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3 Ways to Not Lose it Over Christmas

3 Ways to Not Lose it Over Christmas

It’s a magical and crazy time of year! Most people are spending time with family, doing a little bit of partying and having a good ole’ time.

It would really suck if you had a major blowout, ended up sick or with the flu and then couldn’t actually be there during Christmas or for New Year’s Eve.

So that’s why I thought I’d share 3 tips that I highly recommend you stick with over this ‘Silly Season’!

Self-care is so important during this time, but so is pulling the carrot out of your ass, relaxing, connecting with family and friends, eating some quality food, having a few drinks, and just enjoying yourself.

So my three tips are…

Tip #1 - Hydration

Hydration is SO important to make sure all the vital functions of your body keep working the way they’re supposed to.

Scientists who have studied the functions of the human body recommend drinking one litre of water per 22kg of body weight each day. And I 100% agree. I weigh about 80kg and drink about four litres of water a day, which means if I’m drinking alcohol or coffee—those drinks that can lead to dehydration—my foundation is already established and I’m not going to end up dehydrated.

I know for some people, even 1L sounds like a lot. If you don’t think you can drink that much water a day, just do your best.

The best time to hydrate is first thing in the morning. When you first wake up, drink as much water as you can because this gets the digestive system working, sends fluid into your joints and helps to detox and rehydrate your system from the day before.

If you have a big bender, I would highly recommend before you go to bed, smash at least 500 mls (2 cups) of water with a pinch of salt. Maybe even a whole litre if you can! It’s going to water everything down so you will wake up and feel pretty good in the morning.

If you’re properly hydrated you’ll also be less prone to stress eating.

Stay Hydrated

Tip #2 - Walking

For me this is a non-negotiable.

How many of you guys have seen Wolf of Wall Street?

This guy was drinking alcohol and doing drugs every single day. BUT, here’s the kicker. He shared a hot tip… He said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “every morning, I’d wake up, I’d smash it in the gym, I would sit in a sauna, sweat out all the drugs from the day before, and then start all over again.”

Simply moving the body; getting outside and walking up a sweat is enough. I go for a 45-minute walk every day and I’m out there sweating and supporting my body to clean out any toxins. If you’re in Australia, especially now it’s summertime, it’s the perfect time to go for a big walk, sweat it out and breathe deeply while you’re walking. If you’re in the US or somewhere else where it’s cold, put on a thick coat and jumper—something that will make you sweat and get out there. Fantastic!

Doing at least a 30-minute walk in the morning will give you more energy for the day AND reduce stress. (It could also be a good excuse for some much need alone time over Christmas!) It’s such a simple exercise, yet it does SO much for your body. Your digestion is going to move and you’ll most likely come home and have a bowel movement. Yay, got rid of yesterday’s shit!

If you want to take it to the next level, sit in a sauna or do enough activity that you’re really sweating out yesterday’s toxins. ‘

Keep Walking

Tip #3 - Quality Music

We have an awesome playlist here at home, one that really helps lift the mood. I recommend everyone make up their own playlist of song that you LOVE and have it on in the car, or at work. It’s a great way to get rid of stress. It’s all about keeping that high vibration.

If you don’t already have a playlist, I really recommend taking the time to find songs that make you happy and make you want to get your body moving!

Because did you know that dancing improves your immunity?

At this time of year, being around family and loads of people can be emotional and even stressful for some people. There can be a whole bunch of old stuff that comes up. This stress can actually suppress our immune system. Whereas dancing gives you happy vibes. Not only is that great for stress release, but being in an elated state literally helps to build our immune system!

When you’re listening to music you love, your body just wants to move. Hands up if you’ve felt that?

Keep Dancing

Keep hydrated. Keep walking. Listen to music.

These three simple things will help you to stay positive and keep going, even when you’ve been pounded by alcohol or party food.

So those are my three hot tips to keep going through Christmas and New Year.

I hope they help you through these holidays.

P.S. If you do end up worse for wear and want to support your body with a beautiful fresh juice or water fast, or a delicious raw food cleanse, please sign up for my Free Resources. There you will find heaps of great information that will have you feeling amazing in no time!

Thanks for reading!


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