Alzheimers Treatment - Steps You Can Do To Regain Clarity
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Alzheimers Treatment – Steps You Can Do To Regain Mental Efficiency And Clarity

Alzheimers Treatment – Steps You Can Do To Regain Mental Efficiency And Clarity

I get a lot of people asking me about Alzheimer’s disease, wanting to know the cause of it and to find out if there is an effective Alzheimers treatment to reverse this condition.

I believe you can completely reverse it. Alzheimer’s disease is a loss of memory potentially from an accumulation of plaque in the brain and chronic dehydration. Let me go off for a minute then get down to the nitty gritty… Let’s look at the etymology of the word memory. “Mem” is a Hebrew word that means water. “Ory” literally means light. So memory means water and light. I find that really interesting and it gives some clues into the treatment.

What if someone with Alzheimer’s started to drink more water with Lemon which clears plaque from the brain and get out into the sun which relaxes and calms the nerves along with sun gazing first thing in the morning or a sunset which brings more light or “information” into the eyes and to the brain. After all light is information. We send information across countries on fibre optic cables and it’s just a bunch of travelling light, and I believe getting out into the sun can transform the body and mind. Just as I believe really hydrating the body with fresh pure water and juices can be immensely healing. 

A lot of time Alzheimer’s patients have been living on soda and different kinds of not so healthy food their whole life. Even in nursing homes the ‘nutritional drinks’ they administer are often full of garbage. People tend to drink less and less water and become increasingly dehydrated over time and distance. Since the brain has such a high water content this can take a toll on mental health and I believe can even lead to Alzheimer’s.

Hydration As A Treatment For Alzheimer’s

My father took 10 Alzheimer’s patients down to Pensacola, Florida. He put them on a fast where he had them drink water with a small amount of salt and juices to help the rehydration process along.  Every day he made sure they went for long walks, got out into the sun and swam in the ocean.  Guess what? Every single one of them reversed their symptoms, to different degrees, but every single one of them had results. In fact a lot of them came back with a full fledged memory (amazing experience to see them reconnect with their loved ones). “Woohooo! I’m back!”. So I know that this can happen.

Use It Or Lose It

Now a big part of preventing Alzheimer’s is using the brain. Many people as they get older tend to sit around watching TV and not doing things where they are interacting with others. This is a major part of dementia and Alzheimer’s as well.

We need to constantly be active. Having conversations, sharing with others, doing things we find interesting and fun, always learning, moving & creating.  Then the brain says, “Hey I’m being used, I wanna work, I wanna function the way I’m supposed to”. When you’re not being mentally active the brain perceives this as, “Well I’m not very useful, I’m just gonna float through life”. Eventually this kind of inactivity does make you think, Who am I? Where am I? What’s going on?

If somebody has Alzheimer’s help get them interacting. Help them to do things they love and get them moving. That cross motion pattern of walking can actually rewire the brain and do fantastic things.

A Prescription To Get Rid Of Alzheimer’s

Here is my simple prescription to get rid of Alzheimer’s. Intermittent fasting needs to be observed to start the process of autophagy to regenerate the tissues of the brain, this will also activate ketosis on a daily basis which removes fat (a contributing factor) and the brain thrives on ketones, not only this but burning fat at this rate will generate ESSC Embryonic Style Stem Cells and play a role in replacing weak and damaged tissues of the body including brain cells.  This looks like fasting the individual for a minimum of 16 hours per day. So feeding at lunch and until 6pm, otherwise water or herbal teas (No Calories and No Sweeteners) (if the individuals maximised this to 23 hours per day with only 1 meal I believe massive results would be achieved much quicker).

Have one litre of water with a couple pinches of salt first thing in the morning. Then go for a 45 minute walk out in the sun. If possible include swimming in the ocean or some other water activity. Get interactive with other people, and look for some nutrition to enhance memory. Blueberries, activated walnuts and pecans, different types of fruits all stimulate the brain. High water content fruit like watermelon is especially good for the brain. Ever heard the term, “Use your melon?”. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

There has been a lot of research and the findings (published in the current online edition of the journal Aging) are very encouraging.  

Recommendations given currently:

(1) eliminate all processed sugars; (2) eliminate gluten, meat and processed food from the diet, with increased vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts; (3) to reduce stress, begin yoga; (4) as a second measure reduce the stress of your job, begin to meditate for 20 minutes twice per day; (5) increase sleep 7-8+ hours per night; (7) Get B-12 methylcobalamin from Nori (seaweed) each day; (8) get out in the sun each day; (9) Take walnut oil or eat germinated walnuts; (10) fast for a minimum of 16 hours between dinner and breakfast, and for a minimum of three hours between dinner and bedtime; (11) exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes-45 min, 4-6 days per week.

The results for nine of the 10 patients following this protocol reported in the paper suggest that memory loss may be reversed, and improvement sustained with this therapeutic program, said Bredesen. “This is the first successful demonstration,” he noted, but he cautioned that the results are anecdotal, and therefore a more extensive, controlled clinical trial is needed.

Individuals may also want to add the herb Ginko Biloba or Gotu Kola (as tea) to a daily regime as it has shown efficacy in scientific studies.

Avoiding Alzheimer’s and even reversing the symptoms can be very effective. All it takes is the time, the care, and the love to share this information with people.

Thanks for reading!


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