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Meet Bill Ingram, a remarkable transformational breathwork coach and detoxification specialist with an incredible journey of self-discovery and healing. Since 2017, Bill has been on a transformative path, not only as a fasting enthusiast but also as a devoted practitioner of breathwork.

Bill’s fasting journey has been truly awe-inspiring, having completed multiple 20-day water fasts and several extended juice fasts lasting 30 days, with one even exceeding an impressive 50 days. However, fasting is just one aspect of his profound journey. Bill has delved deep into his own mindset and past traumas through breathwork and various plant-based therapies.

In the midst of his personal struggles, Bill endured severe digestive issues for over a decade. Tragedy struck when his beloved wife passed away in 2017, leaving him to raise their 4-month-old daughter all by himself. Determined to provide the best for his daughter, he embarked on a journey of self-healing and raised her on a nourishing plant-based diet from birth, demonstrating immense strength and love.

The grief and trauma of losing his wife took a toll on Bill’s health, both physically and emotionally. He found himself sleepless, angry, and unable to digest anything, and his body was gradually shutting down. However, fate led him to Tyler Tolman, a mentor whose teachings and guidance became a turning point in Bill’s life.

Believing deeply in divine intervention, Bill emerged stronger after healing himself through the power of nature and breath. Fueled by this transformation and a desire to help others, he became a coach, dedicating his life to supporting others in their healing journeys.

Not content with just personal growth and coaching, Bill also opened a successful plant-based café and juice bar to share the goodness of whole foods with the world. However, during the pandemic, he was shut down and faced a setback and had to pivot to an online platform, where he continues to serve the Perth metro area by selling cold-pressed juices and cleanses.

Throughout his tumultuous journey, Bill’s daughter has been his guiding light. Now, at the age of seven, she thrives as the perfect testament to the principles he preaches, teaches, and lives as a Tolman coach.

Bill Ingram’s life story is a testament to the power of self-discovery, resilience, and the healing potential found within nature and the breath. His dedication to helping others, coupled with his personal triumphs, makes him a true inspiration to those seeking transformation and wellness.


  • Chronic Illness & Disease
  • Fasting
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Digestive Issues
  • Trauma Release

Praise for Bill Ingram

Amazing transformation this legend was committed to the process and did everything that was asked of him during our 3 months coaching. The results speak for themselves. I’m super stoked to share this with you all...... It may sound a little cliche but working with Bill has changed my life. I have achieved goals I could never have tackled without his guidance. I didn't seek out Bill and his modality of healing, he was recommended to me by a meditation teacher who I was working with. After speaking to him and researching the Tolman movement I decided to give it a go. I had suffered with IBS, GERD, gastritis and anxiety for just over 20 years. Bloating, reflux, stomach aches, diarrhoea, brain fog, muscle aches and pains, inflamed joints, back aches, anxiety, depression and ocular migraines had been the norm. I had been through the gauntlet of doctors, specialists, psychologists, kinesiologists, naturopaths, Chinese medicine practitioners through to energy healers, I had tried everything with minimal results, if anything I was getting worse over time. I was on three different medications, one to lower stomach acid (PPI) and two to mitigate my anxiety symptoms. After two and I half weeks with Bill I stopped taking my PPI's. I have been off them for almost three months when writing this, a feat I had thought would be near impossible and one which I would never have had the courage to achieve by myself alone. By the end of my three months with Bill I have also tapered my anxiety medication to half the dose I have been on for more than ten years straight. And I feel great. I know I can continue the journey, I feel that Bill has set me up with the ability to continue healing and completely taper of these medications in my own time. I have gone from 122kgs to 96kgs, a majority of my symptoms have subsided or eased greatly and my mental health has improved vastly. Incredible. I'll say it wasn't easy, it took commitment to stick to the plan, but it felt like I had exhausted all other avenues and it was time for me to heal myself. I had waited long enough for someone else to give me a magic supplement or a new energy cleansing ritual, but now I had to take control of my body and give 8t the best chance it had to heal. And Bills guidance and knowledge made it possible. I am truly deeply grateful that Bill and my paths crossed and that I have been given the chance to be my best self and have gained so much insight in how to continuing on this healing journey.

Royden M

I will be forever grateful for Bill who has helped me so much with my daughter psoriasis. I'd been to doctors and dermatologists and nothing was helping it. I wasn't even 100% sure that the doctors had diagnosed her skin condition correctly. He shared so much of his knowledge with me over the voice messages and asked me loads of questions to help try and get to the root cause rather than putting a cream on it and suppressing it and driving it back into the skin further. He gave me step by step instructions to help clear it up which included an ancient Egyptian skin routine, (very simple by the way that i tried on myself and it made my skin feel amazing) and of course was mainly to do with diet. I love Bill's approach to holistic health and his knowledge on nutrition, health, wellness and the body is nothing short of amazing. Bill is passionate about what he does and is genuinely interested in helping you and your kids live well, and be healthy physically and mentally.

Samantha L

Alana Diebel came to me to get a iridology and sclerology assessment, we then created a plan based on what I had seen in her eyes. Alana’s commitment to the process and plan was spot on, she was very disciplined and followed it 💯% Now Alana is being rewarded with all her hard work. Check out this lovely message.... Thank you SO MUCH for your guidance, expertise and experience. I have literally never felt better! After our session together I have been incorporating everything you told me into my daily routine including all the detailed step by step instructions and tips for making changes to promote more heath in my life, while not getting overwhelmed! The best part so far has been the guidance you gave me about coming off my juice fast properly. In the past I haven’t really known what to do when transitioning back to food, and have ended up just eating anything - undoing all benefits of the fast. This time I’ve followed your instructions perfectly, and I didn’t even know I could feel this good! My digestion is completely different. I feel lighter, calmer, happier….it’s the best. If it wasn’t for the detailed instructions you provided, and the support, I would have been overwhelmed and a lot less likely to stick to the plan. Thank you so much for guiding me to understanding more about iridology and how my eyes show a map of my entire body. This has been a missing link for me regarding my health. Once I saw my eyes in the photos, I was 100% committed to doing what it takes to create wellness for myself. The eyes don’t lie! Thanks again for your help and support + I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing what you know with the world 🙂

Alana D

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