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Michelle Murray
Mawson Lakes, SA

Michelle’s passion for health and love of nature led her to study Naturopathy in 2009. Working in health food stores for the past 9 years she has consistently seen how


Clint Facey
Brighton East, Victoria

At just 28 years old, Clint Facey believed he epitomized health. He engaged in a routine of gym workouts, running, yoga, team sports, chiropractic care, and massages. By societal standards,


Hellen Tsipa
Melbourne, VIC

Helen’s Health Crisis started at the young age of 24, she was diagnosed with Endometriosis, after having surgery after surgery each year she thought she was healed, but then the


Sinclair Fischer-Gray
Sydney, NSW

Sinclair is a specialist in the art of Regenerative Detoxification, a trained iridologist, world expert in Fasting and star of the documentary Fasting: The Healer Within.   As a professional


Vicki Williams
Chelsea, Australia

Throughout my adult life, I’ve been guided by a profound belief in the inherent ability to heal oneself. Embracing the mantra, “I know there is a solution, even if I


Nicole Rose
Perth, WA

I was inspired to become a Tolman Health Coach after experiencing my own healing journey of an Autoimmune Disease. 12 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I


Georgina Kruse
Cairns&Tablelands, QLD

Hi I’m Georgie! I’m passionate about helping people heal from chronic illness and auto-immune issues. I’ve always been interested in health and natural medicine and before my life seriously deteriorated


Scott Gregory
Miranda, NSW

Scott’s healing journey started back in 2012. Scott was suffering with reflux, gut pains, mood swings, fatigue, headaches and a bulging lower disc as a direct result from a work


Fiona Evans
Geraldton, WA

I believe that your health is your most precious possession and that most people don’t understand how important it is until it’s under threat – at least that is how


Britelle Humfrey
Perth, WA

Emotional healing has been a massive part of Britelle’s personal journey, and this is where her passion lies when it comes to supporting her clients. Having been through the process


Brad Baker
North Mackay, QLD

Brad’s mission is to guide you to true health. The miscarriage of Brad and his wife’s first baby sparked Brad’s journey into health. With his engineering background, Brad knew that


Pauline O’Brien
Ubud, Bali

Based in Bali Indonesia , Pauline’s life mission is to help people heal themselves.  By using the Tolman method, incorporating the 7 Principles of Health and regenerative medicine. Pauline’s own


Nadja Baron
Exmouth, WA

Iridology hugely inspired Nadja’s personal healing journey back in 2015 after a family member was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She was eager to learn as much as possible and


Natallie Wright
Morangup, WA

Nat Wright comes with a very down to earth personality, and a very deep and personal understanding that today is it, that we are not promised tomorrow. She has been

Coach Sharon Heyme

Sharon Heyme
Bendigo, VIC

Sharon has been passionate about health and well-being for a long time and was first introduced to Tyler Tolman whilst studying Nutritional Medicine in 2011. The simplistic message of following


Bill Ingram

Meet Bill Ingram, a remarkable transformational breathwork coach and detoxification specialist with an incredible journey of self-discovery and healing. Since 2017, Bill has been on a transformative path, not only


Robyn Olson
Waikiki, WA

Are you sick of the so-called ‘health’ system telling you what pills to take, without really understanding who you are? What if you could have control over your own health?  Robyn


Helen Young
Elwood, VIC

Helen has always had an innate curiosity about the human body and a deep passion for optimal health. After graduating with a degree in biomedical science and working in the


Tao Jordan
Moonyoonooka, WA

After enduring years of being told that my health issues were merely stress-related and witnessing conventional approaches fall short, I discovered the Tolman method and the 7 Principles of Health.


Karen Thorley
Sunshine Coast, QLD

Karen is a qualified health professional with a passion for hormone health and the role of toxins play in this. Her life is typically Australian. She says that, since growing


Mark Simon
Brisbane, QLD

Journey of Discovery – Let me guide, support and INSPIRE you so you can HEAL yourself, take back your power and THRIVE! I will help you to understand your specific


Marcus Carr
Menifee, California

Marcus’s history of healing began when, at just five years of age, he and his brother found their father face-down and unresponsive in bed. Medical reports later cited a cyst


Coral Eden
Melbourne, VIC

Coral has been committed to supporting & educating people all her life, including family, friends, fellow sporting peers, dancing, school or work. For the past 20 years she has voluntarily


Jax Storey
Christchurch, NZ

Jax has been working in the natural wellness industry for 38 years. It was when she was surprised with a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2013 that she was fortuitously



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