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Carolina Torres Arevalo

Coach Carolina (Kharo Faro) is a Self Healing Specialist who works with people worldwide providing powerful ancient information to assist them with healing themselves. Kha refers to the physical body


Loralee Humpherys
Las Vegas, NV

I have always been passionate and committed to healing, natural health and personal development. This was sparked by a deep unraveling I experienced that began while in college, and continued


Ophelie Braga
Kununurra, WA

From a very young age Ophélie experienced digestive issues, her symptoms became chronic over the years. She went on a journey desperately searching for answers on how to heal herself.


Dean Paten
Long Jetty, NSW

Like most people in the modern world, I took my health for granted. I spent the first 40+ years of my life abusing both my physical body and also my

Coach Sharon Heyme

Sharon Heyme
Bendigo, VIC

Sharon has been passionate about health and well-being for a long time and was first introduced to Tyler Tolman whilst studying Nutritional Medicine in 2011. The simplistic message of following


Georgina Kruse
Cairns&Tablelands, QLD

Hi I’m Georgie! I’m passionate about helping people heal from chronic illness and auto-immune issues. I’ve always been interested in health and natural medicine and before my life seriously deteriorated


Melijah Maghanoy
San Remo, VIC

Dr Melijah Maghanoy Melbourne and Bass Coast VIC Melijah’s soul mission is to help as many people as she can to unlock their own healing power, free themselves from chronic


Rina Cohen
East St Kilda, VIC

Every day is like an orange. The way to live is to get all the juice. Growing up in an emotionally abusive environment, overcoming an eating disorder and healing breast


Mitchell Villani
Adelaide, SA

MITCHELL’S BACK BABY! Mitchell was Tyler’s very first coach back in 2018 and was one of his top performing coaches who took a year off during the pandemic to build


Solomon Robertson
Sydney, NSW

Solomon has healed himself of chronic back and neck pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, gut issues, respiratory issues, brain fog, anxiety and depression. Solomon’s health journey started at the age of


Nika Dostal
Sydney, NSW

I was always curious about the body’s innate healing capabilities and the potential to regenerate and live a long and pain-free life. I always thought that I was a very


Britelle Humfrey
Perth, WA

Britelle has been a passionate advocate about the simplicity of health for a long time and aims to help others learn the fundamental principles of health by getting back to


Clint Facey
Melbourne, VIC

At just the young age of 28, Clint Facey was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He was told he’d die if he didn’t do what the doctor told him. He refused


Thor Tolman
Bali, Indonesia

Thor comes from a long line of healers and has worked closely with his father Don Tolman and brother Tyler Tolman absorbing all of their profound knowledge over the years


Amanda Smith
Port Macquarie, NSW

Although healthy living has always been in my life striving to embrace the best of both worlds wasn’t doing me any favours. After years of living the party life my


Lucy Teear
Northamptonshire, UK

Lucy has first-hand experience of the power for the body to heal, having been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2010 and again in 2016 which had metastasised (spread) in


Fiona Evans
Perth, WA

I believe that your health is your most precious possession and that most people don’t understand how important it is until it’s under threat – at least that is how


Helen Young
Elwood, VIC

With a positive and friendly coaching style, Helen empowers each person on their individual journey. Whether you are taking proactive steps for general health and well being, or making changes


Karen Thorley
Sunshine Coast, QLD

Karen is a qualified health professional with a passion for hormone health and the role of toxins play in this. Her life is typically Australian. She says that, since growing


Emma Bliss
Albany, WA

Emma’s journey of healing herself began when she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and told that she was unlikely to have children. Already a firm believer in the healing


Steven Stella
Los Angeles, California

Steven has intuitively healed himself of autoimmune diseases, gut issues, candida, anxiety and depression. From a young age Steven ate the standard American diet and was given massive doses of


Scott Gregory
Miranda, NSW

Scott’s healing journey started back in 2012. Scott was suffering with reflux, gut pains, mood swings, fatigue, headaches and a bulging lower disc as a direct result from a work


Coral Eden
Melbourne, VIC

Coral has been committed to supporting & educating people all her life, including family, friends, fellow sporting peers, dancing, school or work. For the past 20 years she has voluntarily


Marcus Carr
Menifee, California

Marcus’ story starts when at the age of 5 he discovered his father face down unresponsive due to complications from a cyst in his right temporal lobe. As a child


Mark Simon
Brisbane, QLD

Mark’s true passion is to be able to empower people to heal themselves using the 7 fundamental principles of health to restore balance, regain vibrant health and bring vitality back


Tamara Ihnen
Bronte, NSW

From a very early age, Tamara developed a passion for health and wellness from the foundations of her love for movement & dance. Having studied Sports Medicine after high-school, yet


Colleen Kerr
Perth, WA

A career spanning 15 years as a registered nurse cemented Colleen’s understanding of anatomy, physiology and the traditional healing practices. It was however, through conquering her own health challenges, that



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