Eye Exercises To Improve Vision - Goodbye Glasses
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Eye Exercises To Improve Vision: Good Bye To Glasses And Contact lenses
eye exercises improve vision

Eye Exercises To Improve Vision: Good Bye To Glasses And Contact lenses

I often get asked if it’s possible to regain healthy 20/20 eyesight through good nutrition and lifestyle and the answer is, YES!

I’ve worked with many people who have worn glasses or contact lenses for years and have been able to get back to perfect vision again using the exercises I’m going to describe here.

Eye Exercises To Get You Back To 20/20 Vision

Beyond the nutrition side of things, let’s talk specifically what it takes to improve eyesight on an exercise basis. I want to say first up that these exercises must be done 10-15 minutes twice a day if you’re really serious about improving your eye sight.

Ok, so first and foremost I believe sun gazing is one of the ways to activate eye sight.

Head outside before sunrise and ground yourself by standing with your shoes off either in the sand on the beach or in the grass. Watch the sun as it just comes over the horizon, the first 5 to 10 minutes, allowing it to come into your eyes. There is no UV light at this time watching the sun.

Are Your Glasses Or Contact Lenses Actually Impairing Your Vision?

One thing that is critical in this process of improving your eye sight is getting rid of “crutches”.

For example if I broke my leg and continued to use a crutch for a long time, my leg muscles would begin to atrophy from not being used and eventually I wouldn’t be able to walk. Eventually I’d have to get rid of that crutch and go through the pain and the anguish of getting that muscle back to it’s original strength.

It’s exactly the same with your eyes, so whenever you can, don’t use your glasses or your contacts unless you absolutely have to.

Of course if you need them for driving keep them! But having some time without them on is crucial.

I understand reading can be tricky too, but here is a little trick to try. It’s a technique where you join each of your thumbs and index fingers to make two circles and hold them up to your eyes (finger glasses!). Now look in the distance and you’ll notice whatever your focused on is no longer blurry.

This simple technique works because it concentrates the light on the object that you looking at. The sample principle works when reading. There’s actually pinhole glasses you use that also improve vision which I definitely recommend getting if you can.

Exercises To Relieve Pressure And Strengthen Your Eye Muscles

Here is an exercise to relieve pressure in your eye area.

Start by taking both your index fingers and press just on the inside of the bridge of the nose. You’ll actually feel little soft spots where you can push. Apply enough pressure that after a while you hit a point of a little pain, but you’re going to allow that.

Then work your way around the orbitals of the eyes feeling for different spots and pushing, massage your temples and do whatever you feel. These actions are aiding in releasing pressure from your eyes. After you’ve moved around the orbital bone, come back to the bridge of the nose and press about 10 times.

Now you’ve relieved the pressure you can work on strengthening the eye muscles.

Keeping your head straight, look with your eyes as far to the left as possible. Hold this until you can feel the muscle stretching, almost a little painful and then relax. Now repeat this looking to the left, then up, then down, relaxing in between stretches.

Afterwards use your eyes to trace a big circle, looking all the way around the orbitals moving like a clock. Do ten rotations clockwise then ten anticlockwise. Try to make the circle as smooth as possible. Watch if you are jumping at any point and try to smooth that.

The Colour Green Improves Your Eyesight

Modern lifestyle does our eyesight no favours when often stare at TVs and computer screens.

We used to walk barefoot through nature and this required constantly looking up and down to check where we were going and to watch we weren’t stepping on anything that could hurt our feet. These kind of actions really work the eyes.

The colour green is also healing to the eyes and there science that backs this up.

Start bringing plants into your space. When you’re doing the eye exercises, if you can have green in the background that’s fantastic. You know I live in Bali and there’s green everywhere. Inside our house there’s tons of plants as well.

This next eye exercise I always do whilst I’m out in nature.

I stretch out my left arm as far as I can making a ‘thumbs up’ fist with my hand. Then I make a ‘thumbs up’ with my right hand and place it at about the distance of my left elbow. (It doesn’t matter which arm is out straight and which is closer, do whichever is more comfortable for you).

Then find something green in the distance to look at. Now to begin the exercise look at the thumb closest to you, focus on the thumb nail, then the thumb further away, then look at the green in the distance. Allow your eyes to focus fully before moving on to the next item, then keep repeating.

You may like to watch the video where I demonstrate.

[thrive_leads id=’13473′]

After doing this for a while you can bring the thumb that is closest to you even closer, so that is almost a little bit painful to look at, but you can still maintain focus.

Again repeat the exercise, focus on the first thumb nail, the second thumb nail, then the green in the distance. Keep doing this, brining the first thumb in even closer if you can and don’t stop until your arms are completely tired. Then go relax, take some deep breaths (maybe go through Seven Rounds Of Seven) or continue with some other exercise.

Clean Your Liver And Improve Your Eyesight

It’s important to have a clean liver because your liver produces enzymes for eye sight. That’s why when people drink too much they go blind. The liver has been affected to the point where is doesn’t produce the enzyme and hence that saying when you drink too much that ‘you’re blind’.

Then through the cleansing process the eyesight will return after a little while.

Cleansing the liver and detoxing is a process. It’s not going to happen over night, but know that it will work.

A lot of people come to my retreats and are surprised that sometimes their eye sight gets worse despite all the eye exercises and cleansing. But that is the nature of cleansing, sometimes things get worse before they get better as the body starts processing the backload of toxins.

Always in the end they send me messages like, “Wow! I really improved my eye sight, I’ve got to remove my glasses, thank you so much! We were starting to wonder, if this is actually gonna work!”

But it does work. So give it a crack!

On the nutrition side of things eating carrots, drinking carrot juice, eating lots of greens, keeping a clean healthy diet all helps. Then getting out into the sun, the green of nature and doing these eye exercises you’re gonna be rocking, you’re gonna have beautiful 20/20 vision.

Thanks for reading!


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