Do we really need to take probiotics? | Tyler Tolman


Do we really need to take probiotics?

Do we really need to take probiotics?

Are you backed up and full of shit?

Haven’t pooped in an entire day or two or three?

Do you need to take probiotics to heal your gut?

I don’t think so, and here’s the reason why.

Every time you actually just eat natural food, you’re building probiotics inside your system. The best thing you can do is just eat foods in nature.

You see, it might not have been discovered yet, but every time you go up to a blueberry bush and pick it and just eat the blueberries, there are literally thousands and thousands and thousands of different kinds of probiotics that exist on the exterior of the actual fruit.

When you pick an apple off a tree, when you pick any type of food, it could be kale in your garden, it could be a carrot, it could be anything that’s growing, when you actually just take food and eat it, it’s got hundreds of thousands of different probiotics that exist.

In a whole food, the fibre is the prebiotic. Fibre is what feeds the probiotics inside our gut, so the best thing you could do is just eat natural foods, and you’re feeding the good gut bacteria. If you believe you need new strains of probiotics, then it’s a matter of actually going to the effort of picking foods in nature.

Now, obviously, you don’t want to go pick an apple that’s been sprayed with pesticides. You don’t want to be eating herbicides, pesticides or fungicides, so it does need to be organic. But we need to get over the fear of bad bugs and actually go out and eat an apple that’s growing on a tree.

Pick some blueberries, pick some strawberries that are organic and grown naturally. That’s where we’re inoculating ourselves with all these hundreds of thousands of new probiotic bacteria that start to take root in our digestive system.

These bacteria in our digestive system help us digest food. They actually build our immune system. They break down foods into their micronutrients. They have so many different functions for health. They help us digest and to eliminate.

Now, if you’re in a really bad place with your gut, what I highly recommend is a colon cleanse. The special thing about this colon cleanse is it actually contains buckwheat and other components that are prebiotics. They’re the best fibres to feed your digestive system.

If you don’t believe me, just look up buckwheat on Google for digestive bacteria, and you’ll discover this yourself.

So when you do this colon cleanse, it’s a lot of fibre that bulks everything up and pulls plaque and other things out of the digestive system to clean everything out.

But the good bacteria that are in your gut feed on this prebiotic material, and actually when you do a poo, (and they will be really big poos!), most of that is actually probiotic gut bacteria that’s coming out, because there’s so much of it.

This leaves us in a better place digestively, because we cleaned everything out. We’ve given a lot of food to these probiotics, and if we want to feed ourselves with new probiotics, we can eat things like sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi and miso. All these foods that have been naturally fermented also build a massive amount of probiotics in the body.

The thing to remember, though, is if we’re just eating fresh fruits and vegetables, these also naturally ferment slightly in our gut and produce new levels of probiotics. So the best thing you can do is go out in nature and pick foods, and in the future they’ll discover elevated biotics on the food is actually the best thing we can do for our health.

Probiotics in the form of pills and capsules are actually dead, and we’re never meant to just eat probiotics on their own. Probiotics and prebiotics are meant to be together, so those bacteria can survive by eating the fiber through the digestive system and the stomach.

It’s just the way it’s meant to be.

If you want to be healthy, bring it back to nature, do a quality colon cleanse, eat natural foods, avoid anything that is antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, things that destroy the gut, and bring it back to simplicity.

Bring it back to whole foods, and in time, you’ll have a perfect gut microbiome that is going to keep you healthy and happy for many, many years to come.

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