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Helen has always had an innate curiosity about the human body and a deep passion for optimal health. After graduating with a degree in biomedical science and working in the medical research industry for several years, she recognised the limitations of the pharmaceutical-centric medical system, which often fails to address the root cause of ill health.

Originally from Scotland, and calling Australia home for the last 2 decades, 2017 saw Helen’s journey lead her to discover Tyler Tolman’s revolutionary, yet simple approach to health, which resonated deeply with her. She became a certified coach in 2020 and has since supported a diverse range of clients with a wide variety of health conditions, from general wellness to the most common chronic diseases, through 1:1 sessions, group coaching and supporting water fasting clients at the Tolman Wellness Centre.

Her deep understanding of the seven principles of health, coupled with her expertise in cleansing, fasting, Iridology, Sclerology and the emotional connection to dis-ease, has allowed her to help her clients achieve their goals in an empowering, supportive, and personalised way.

In addition to her coaching certification, Helen is also a certified breath work coach, providing her clients with an additional powerful tool to help unlock their full potential for optimal health and well-being.


  • Chronic Illness & Disease
  • Fasting
  • Longevity & Vitality Plans
  • Pain Management & Injuries​
  • Stress & Anxiety

Praise for Helen

Praise for Helen Young

Know Thyself Journey with Coach Helen: What a journey it was. I am hooked. It's challenging in the best ways. Something I think everyone should do atleast once in their lives. It's designed to both keep you accountable and support you. I was ready to throw in the towel on day 3 or 4... having a group to do this with kept me going & ofcourse an awesome coach. Helen is great at meeting you where you are but also pushing you into the growth area just the right amount... and give you a gentle kick up the bum when you need it 😅. For me.. this journey highlighted emotional things to work on, helped me release, made me stronger mentally, increased my self-discipline. Physically helped me to lose weight that has been 'stuck' for so long. Made me more grateful for everything especially my own body and the act of eating. My cholestrol is back in normal range, my homocystein is at a good point now, my vitamin D is increasing, and most importantly my hs-CRP went from 5.5 down to <0.5 in just 11 days. The difference this has made in my life is huge. I am now able to keep up with my 6 year old. I can run again without being puffed out and having heart pain. I couldn't even remember what it was like to exert myself without feeling pain in the heart and for this I will be eternally grateful. Fasting is very much apart of my life now and I plan to spread that message far and wide to anyone that is looking for the truth. Massive gratitude for Don, Tyler, All of the tolman health team, Helen and The process 💛🙏☯️

Katarina Milinkovic

I initially met Helen Young for a Health Consult in August 2022. I then took on a 3 month coaching program with Helen in early 2023. My health had already improved significantly between the initial consult in August and the 3month coaching program. I lost weight, I felt better and the markings in my Sclera improved. During my 3 month program, Helen supported me through a 10 day water fast which helped start the process to clearing past issues. I found Helen to be friendly and very knowledgable. She shared an abundance of fantastic Health information and helped me create a plan that I could stick to. Whenever I had any questions or needed any support she responded quickly. I highly recommend Helen to anyone wanting to improve their health and prevent and heal disease. Vicki Williams

Vicki Williams

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