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Helen Young
Elwood, VIC


With a positive and friendly coaching style, Helen empowers each person on their individual journey. Whether you are taking proactive steps for general health and well being, or making changes in lifestyle to allow your body to regenerate and heal from disease, she will provide you all the support, information and motivation you need to ensure you reach your goals and implement positive change.

Originally from Scotland, Helen is passionate about health and wellbeing and has always had a keen interest in human biology. After completing an Honours Degree in Biomedical Science, Helen worked in medical research in Edinburgh and later in Melbourne, when she moved to Australia in 2002.

As a Mum to 3 kids Helen was inspired to deepen her knowledge in holistic health and nutrition (and understand how to make healthy meals that her kids would eat!), so when Helen was first introduced to Tyler Tolman in 2015 his message instantly resonated with her. Helen continued her learning journey with Tyler and graduated from Tyler’s Academy in August 2019.

Drawing on her scientific education and experience, Helen begins by using Iridology and sclerology to identify which organs in the body require support, then guides her clients using the 7 principles of health plus cleansing techniques used by the ancient Egyptians. With a program tailored to you these principles and tools provide an environment for the body to heal itself from illness and disease, promoting health and longevity.

Whatever your specific goals Helen listens and works with you to create strong foundations for lifelong health and happiness.


  • Chronic Illness & Disease
  • Fasting
  • Longevity & Vitality Plans
  • Pain Management & Injuries​
  • Stress & Anxiety

Work With Helen

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1-on-1 Sessions

- 15 Min Wellness Consult


- Iridology & Sclerology Assessment


Health is your number 1 priority with full support

- 12 Week 1-on-1 Coaching