How to eliminate pinworms and parasites in children | Tyler Tolman
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How to eliminate pinworms and parasites in children
parasites in children

How to eliminate pinworms and parasites in children

Let’s talk about pinworms, hookworms and other types of parasites in children…

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How do kids get worms?

Children especially get parasites (more commonly called ‘worms’) from some type of exposure to cats, dogs, fecal matter, touching things in nature or at school. The thing we’ve got to understand is that parasites won’t actually uptake residence unless they have the necessary environment and food to feed on.

One way of identifying that a child has parasites is that typically they will have an itchy bottom. This is because the parasites will come out at night through the bottom and lay a bunch of eggs, and when a child goes to scratch, they get the eggs underneath their fingernails. Later on in the day, they touch their face and ingest the eggs again, and the worms get repopulated into the system.

But the reason why these eggs can repopulate is because the digestive system is backed up.

How can you get rid of worms in kids naturally?

You can read a book called Parasite Rex that shows if we have good ‘transit time’ you greatly reduce your chances of having parasites. Fast ‘transit time’ means from the time you eat to the time it comes out is very quick. When this transit time slows down, it gives the eggs and parasites time to hatch and infest the system.

One of the best ways for kids to increase transit time is eliminate all the excess meat in their diet; chicken, fish, beef, and pork. All of these things have no fibre whatsoever, so they move very slowly through digestive system.

When these meats accumulate, they develop into something called plaque in the digestive system. This is what parasites feed on, and if we don’t have plaque, we don’t have parasites.

The best thing you can do for your kids is to:

1) Eliminate the foods that are slowing down the digestive system (meats)

2) Start to boost the amount of fruits they’re eating, especially apples, bananas, things that are high in fibre. These will clean the digestive system out.

3) Give them some colon cleanse mixture. One thing you can do is add a tablespoon of this colon cleanse into a bowl of oats with some honey, and they can have a serving every morning for breakfast for 30 days.

4) Add foods that actually kill parasites. These are papaya, dates and raisins, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are known to kill parasites.

Another thing that you can use is clove. You can grind it into a powder, or you can use clove essential oil. If you took coconut oil and clove essential oil and mixed them together, and actually put that around the rim of the bum on a child, then when the parasites come out, the clove will kill the parasites.

If you put a teaspoon of clove either in a tea or in a smoothie, the cloves will kill the eggs.

These things will work – you just have to give it time and distance.

Implement these parasite killers when it comes to food. The parasites will go away, and your kids will live a long, healthy, and happy life.

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