How to Fix Constipation and Radically Change Your Health
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How to Fix Constipation and Radically Change Your Health
how to fix constipation

How to Fix Constipation and Radically Change Your Health

What’s one of the first “things to do” to improve your health? I can assure you it’s learning how to fix constipation and have a fully functional digestive system.

 Talk to just about any health guru, nutritionist, naturopath and ask them the question “What are the simplest things that I can do to be healthy?” and within the first few tips that come up, your digestive system will most likely be the number one thing mentioned.

The paradox is we hardly ever discuss digestion, and nobody really talks about their bowel movements (except me!). And I REALLY think we need to talk about it a little bit more. Why? Because I love talking SHIT!! 😉 and Because our body is essentially a system of tubes.

If you look at the skin, the pores are tubular, letting things in and out. When you sweat, you can see water coming through all those tubes. Your hair is tubes and releases gases. Your liver is a gathering of millions and millions of tubes to filter things out through the body. Your circulatory system is a hundred thousand miles literally of veins moving blood. We have these different tubes in our bodies and there are systems for building tubes and there are systems for clearing tubes.

Is Your Digestive System a River of Life or a River of Death?

The biggest tube in your body is the alimentary canal. It starts with the mouth and runs about 32 ft. (about 10 meters) through your body, and out the backdoor. I truly believe that this is the most important tube that you need to take care of. The ancient Egyptians called this a ‘River of Life, or A River of Death’ depending on what you’re floating down that river.

Essentially the alimentary canal is like a big hose that gets bigger in some places, and smaller in other places and depending on what you’re floating down that river “garbage” then you can develop plaque. It’s a substance that accumulates and blocks the digestive system from being able to assimilate nutrition and causes some serious toxicity and even a breeding ground for Parasites and Harmful Bacteria.

How do I Know Intestinal Plaque Exists? See IT for Yourself!!

When you do a couple of colon cleanses (typically by the 3rd) and some fasting you’ll more than likely see this black thick tar-like plaque come out of your body. A lot of people think I’m full of crap, and this doesn’t exist. And the reality is, they’re full of crap! Literally. But when you clean that crap out, you continue to clean the body, you start to see this plaque come out, and you can’t deny it.

But Wait, There's More...

Typically, when you see the plaque coming out, you see parasites come out + heavy metals and the list goes on. You see all kinds of disgusting things that you have been accumulating over time and distance.

This is Why I Care About Your Health

What I love to do is educate people about health and how they can be more vital. I believe if we have more health, vitality and things are flowing then we will affect everyone else around us to a higher degree. The world will actually get better.

This is why I’m doing it. I’m doing it for myself. And I’m doing it for my family and everyone else. The reason I promote these products is because I believe it’s highly important to clean your digestive system.

There’s all kinds of different colon cleanses and things out there and some of them I don’t think are optimal. I don’t think it’s optimal to be eating a bunch of plastic pills all day. I don’t think it’s optimal to take even some plants that force the process of having everything come out because where does that leave you afterwards if you are relying on something that forces peristaltic action (digestive movement).

My Colon Cleanse is from gentle natural ingredients that ancient cultures used, and really it’s just food items designed to clean, and clay designed to pull metals and pesticides out of the body.

Ancient Cleansing Rituals Made Easy to do at Home

The ancient Egyptians would cleanse their digestive system for 3 to 4 days out of every moon cycle (every month).

There are special kinds of fibres that were used thousands of years ago by the ancient Egyptian culture for digestive cleaning. The Native Americans used clays as well to clean themselves internally. These kinds of materials can help us to extract heavy metals and toxins, to get rid of pesticides, herbicides and other things that have accumulated within our bodies.

As with anything, colon cleansing is a process that will build with time. The first time all that fibre will really start to grab and pull on things. You might even feel sick or nauseas. Or you might feel constipated like its not working. But it is working slowly. By the second time you do a colon cleanse (I recommend a month later) you will really feel different movement. By the third time, you’ll have a massive amount of movement and probably for the FIRST TIME in your life you’ll experience clean digestion.

How do You Know Your Digestive System is Working?

Did you know you should actually have a bowel movement within 30 to 45 minutes of eating a meal?

When your digestive system is running the way that it should, everything else can then function optimally. As above, so below. I think mental clarity, energy and vitality are yours to be had once your digestion is flowing the way it’s meant to.

So something to think about. How is your overall health? How is your digestion? Do you have a bowel movement within 30-45 min after every meal? Is it time to consider cleaning out your colon with my 4 day Colon Cleanse?

Thanks for reading!


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