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Mark Simon
Brisbane, QLD



Mark’s true passion is to be able to empower people to heal themselves using the 7 fundamental principles of health to restore balance, regain vibrant health and bring vitality back into their life’s. His passion was born from his own life experience and a lifetime of service that started almost 30 years ago when he became a police officer seeing and dealing first hand with the consequences of people’s own reality, diet, poor health and lifestyle choices. His path led him into becoming a mental health intervention coordinator in the police service working closely with the health department and NGOs to help people in the community suffering from a diverse variety of mental health related issues.

His commitment and dedication to duty and his strong desire to help the community over the past 30 years in his chosen career as well as through his volunteer work started to take a very heavy toll on him physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

His own healing journey started in 2012 after a major health scare that resulted in him ending up in hospital with a body that was totally exhausted. Mark had been suffering numerous physical stress related issues for many years and had had numerous hospital admissions in the preceding years. Ultimately, he was told that the continual stress and pressure of his career and his volunteer work had taken its toll. Mark also had bilateral compression of his spine on two levels which was getting worse. For years he had been prescribed strong drugs for associated nerve pain and sleeping issues and Mark knew that the drugs were only making his body more and more toxic every day and wreaking havoc on so many other levels.

Mark knew that he had become totally unbalanced, so after being discharged from hospital he took 6 months off work so that he could truly devote the time to understand and listen to his body. He first started by tuning into his body and making several important lifestyle changes and in 2016 underwent an operation to repair his spine. Mark continued to suffer from ongoing digestive issues, muscle pain, stress and energy issues and he knew that dis-ease was still preying on his unbalanced body.

In 2018 Mark’s journey led him to Tyler Tolman, his message made complete sense and resonated so strongly with him. He immediately began to incorporate and practise all of Tyler’s holistic health principals whilst truly listening, tuning into and learning from his body. Slowly but surely, he began to heal and his health and vitality lifted to a new level as he became more and more balanced.

Mark is here to listen, support, guide and encourage you on your own healing journey to better health and vitality.


  • Fatigue & Energy Levels​
  • General Health
  • Longevity & Vitality Plans
  • Pain Management & Injuries​
  • Stress & Anxiety

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