Natural Ways to Detox Your Lymphatic System
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Natural Ways to Detox Your Lymphatic System

Natural Ways to Detox Your Lymphatic System

In the past I have worked with clients with lymphoma and I thought I would write something out for all of you to follow to whatever degree you choose… By doing this you can avoid so much sickness, low energy, fogginess and potentially disease in the future.

Did you know…

You have more lymphatic fluid in your body than Blood!! We have the circulatory system for building and feeding the tissues and the lymphatic system for all the waste!! So guess what system most people know nothing about? That’s right, well I promise you if you give this system a good ‘Spring cleaning’ you will be feeling great!! 

Mentally clear, physically strong with more energy and vitality.

10 Protocols to Clean it Up and Out

The lymphatic system is basically a garbage removal system so anything the body does not recognize as food, or anything foreign to the body (toxic chemicals) will move through this system for removal. It’s when this system gets overloaded that we run into major problems.

So depending on the severity of the Lymph system here is what I recommend:

#1 Keep it Clean

Cut out all artificial colours, sweeteners, oils, process foods and stick to plant based food. Enzymes and fibre in fresh raw plants act like brushes to clean out this and other systems of the body (fresh fruit, veggies, roots, salads, nuts, seeds, whole soaked grains, smoothies and juices) either raw or gently cooked (steamed, baked, or lightly sautéed).

Only use personal care products that you could literally eat. Chemicals from even shampoo, deodorant, perfumes and many other items get into the blood stream from the skin. Many of these are known carcinogens (cancer causing). This is obvious when you can wear a patch that releases nicotine into the blood through the skin.

#2 Water 

If a pipe has more water than sludge then it can flow… Make sense? So drink enough water to maximize the lymphatic flow. I always recommend drinking 1 litre per 22 kgs of body weight of water per day. Drinking more if you exercise and sweat for close to an hour or are in a hot climate. Add a pinch of salt can help in many ways as well (Himalayan or Celtic Sea salt are best).

Always start your day with 1 litre of water first (other than oil pulling) and adding lemon, lime or orange can improve lymphatic flow.

#3 Exercise 

This going to be your “best friend”. Nothing gets the Lymph system moving as much as jumping, running, biking, martial arts, sports etc. LIFE IS MOVEMENT!! The more you sweat the better!! This is toxins coming out that the lymph system will no longer have to deal with.

#4 Deep Breathing 

This will expand the diaphragm and push the lymphatic fluid through the body. Your circulatory system has the “heart” as a pump and deep breathing is the pump for your lymphatic system. Follow my 7 Rounds of 7 audio, and do this 3x a day. 

Not only will you expel loads of acid and oxygenate your body, but your lymphatic system will be loving you!!

#5 Clean your Digestive System 

Most of the accumulation of waste is excess toxins from a backed up colon. I have developed a 4 day intensive colon cleanse that will do the trick. It has sold around the world for many years with great success. This recipe does not contain harsh herbs that force peristalsis so you won’t be dependent afterward. Just a clean ya clacker!! 

I will say that for most of you, you will need to do this 4 day cleanse 3 times to get the results and have it truly work. If you do the cleanse each month for 3 months you will know what it’s like for the first time, maybe in your life, to have a clean digestive system. 

Did you know after every meal you should have a bowel movement within 45 min-1 hour? And if you don’t this is a clear indication of constipation. You will know exactly what I mean after doing this colon cleanse. It’s actually the greatest thing ever to feel a good poop coming on 30 min after every meal. This is because the natural signal of eating makes way for the new material to come through. 

#6 Sweating 

Getting into a steam room or dry sauna is a great way to clear the lymphatic system as well. I recommend using eucalyptus oil to improve the lungs and doing breathing exercises while sitting. A good 15 minutes of sweating will do wonders.

#7 Clothing

Wear clothes that fit correctly and do not pinch the lymphatic system… Ladies, your bras can be a major contributing factor in developing breast cancer and having other lymphatic issues. Pinching the lymph system off is like pinching a hose that is draining a dirty pond. These toxins will accumulate and lead to issues. Pants, belts, bras, shoes and even gloves that are to tight can cause issues, especially when worn daily.

#8 Other Therapies 

Lymphatic massage – Using essential oils and draining the lymph physically. 

Chiropractic or Osteopathic Adjustments – Making sure everything is aligned.

Acupuncture – To make sure the energy systems of the body are flowing as well. 

Morning Rituals – Following along with me while I go through a series of exercises, such as Shake n Bake, that target the lymphatic system. 

#9 Guasha & Skin Brushing

To make Guasha, buy the cheapest bottle of triple distilled vodka and some aluminium free bi-carb soda. Mix them in a jar with a lid until it’s a paste consistency. Have it next to you the next time you shower. Get in and rinse off. Then turn off the shower and scrub your entire body with this paste. I use a scrub brush or a loofah and scrub head, face, arms, legs, everywhere.

You might even get an itch in certain spots. I recommend focusing more on those spots and when your done scrubbing get back into the shower and rinse off. That’s it. 

Then I recommend getting into the sun for 20-45 min. Depending on how much sun you can handle at first. Then just build up from there. Either way your skin will be loving how open and clean it is. Cleaner than it has been in years. This will take the workload off your other organs and keep you healthy and beautiful!!

#10 Fasting 

Last, but probably the most important thing you can do to clean your lymph system is a fast!! This gives the body time to eliminate a lot of stored up toxins and accumulations of plaque. Supported with breathing exercises, enemas, sunshine and sweating, copious amounts of juices and water will be like putting Drano in your lymphatic system. 

I recommend 7-21 days on 3 litres of juice and 3-4 litres of water per day, depending on the severity of your lymphatic system.

While the lymphatic system is not talked about very often, it definitely can’t be underestimated how important it is to our overall health. So start showing the love to your lymphatic system with some, or all of these protocols. Happy cleansing. 

Thanks for reading!


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