Feeding Your Emotions Orgasmically | Tyler Tolman
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Feeding Your Emotions Orgasmically
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Feeding Your Emotions Orgasmically

I love fresh fruit. It’s orgasmic to me!

When I sit down with fresh, organic mango, right off the tree, it is just gorgeous. I smell it, sit with it, put it in my mouth and chew it, it’s the most orgasmic experience, and it saddens me that most people don’t have this level of experience with fresh fruit.

It takes time and detoxification to get to this state.

This is actually about feeding our emotions.

There are processes that have been known for thousands of years on how to nourish ourselves. We have multiple bodies. We’re not just a physical body, we also have spiritual, etheric (energy), and emotional bodies.

To really understand this, you’ll need experience doing a fast for an extended period of time – maybe 24 hours, but typically seven to 10 days or more… or even just intermittent fasting.

Then you sit down and you actually cut a fresh mango, or whatever your fruit of choice is. First, you look at it.

You look at it and really think about, where did this food come from? That will feed your mental body. It feeds you mentally to think about a mango and how it grows on a tree and what colour it is and what it might be good for, what it looks like.

I have my own opinions about what a mango looks like and how it affects us just based on the sight. This gets into Doctrine of Signatures.

A carrot looks like the eye, a walnut looks like the brain, watermelon also looks like the brain. Tomatoes are red with four chambers, it looks like the heart. Avocados are shaped like a womb and cervix, it takes exactly nine months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripe fruit, prevents cervical cancer, et cetera, et cetera.

When we actually sit and go through this process of thinking about the food and feeding our mental body, and then cut into it and take the time to honour that food, connecting with the energy of that food, and then smelling it. When you smell it, it feeds your energy body, your etheric body, and you can see this.

I fasted this woman, Carrie Eden-Smith. She fasted for 40 days and 40 nights on water. I DON’T recommend this for women and I didn’t recommend that she go that long, but she wanted to and she insisted.

By the end of it, she was almost in a coma, not even able to move when she broke this fast. When she took the first smell of an avocado, a life force came back into her body. She hadn’t even fed her physical body yet, just seeing the food and smelling it brought this life force into her body.

You’ll have this experience when you do a fast if you sit down and you create a ritual around the breaking of the fast. Smell the food and really connect with it.

You’ll feel energy building throughout your body, and then by sitting there and taking one piece and putting it into your mouth and closing your eyes and chewing, just the experience of orgasmic bliss that happens in your body feeds your emotions, it literally feeds this situation of love and gratitude and just amazingness.

A lot of people don’t have this experience, and I think that’s why a lot of people are emotionally unbalanced and emotionally messed up because we’ve lost track of these basic principles.

Something that I do is intermittent fasting.

If you could mimic the experience of breaking a fast, that beautiful experience when you first have food after so long of not having it, you would feel like you could live forever. Your body, mind and soul would stay vibrant because this ritual invigorates the cells, it creates youthfulness, vitality, mental understandings, and it feeds your emotions.

And I believe that when you feed your emotions, you show up much differently in your life. It affects your relationships in a very profound way. You show up in a state of gratitude, in a state of love, in a state of having fed your emotions and not having them lacking.

All I ask is that you give it a crack.

Maybe try doing a colon cleanse and cleaning your digestive system. I’m on one right now. I feel absolutely phenomenal from it.

Then after that, do a little fast. Even if it is a juice fast, do the last day just on water.

Or if you can do an extended water fast, or even three days of a water fast, it completely resets your immune system, according to the University of Southern California. It creates a regeneration of the body and the human cells.

The beautiful documentary, Eat Fast and Live Longer with Doctor Michael Moseley, shows that fasting lowers IGF1 in the liver, which is the main factor in ageing, and it’s also the main factor in cancer and all these other things.

Try it.

Do a fast.

Do a fast for three days and then try this ritual of sitting down with whatever’s attractive to you. Go and find a fresh fruit in season and something that you like. Sit there with it.

Think about how it grew, where it grew, what it’s good for in your body. Really look at it and think about that thing as a conscious being that’s going to offer intelligence into your body.

Cut it. Take it slowly and smell it, get the effluvial molecules that start the salivation process and then finally close your eyes and chew that thing and have this experience of orgasm.

It’s like a download of consciousness that is just absolutely brilliant.

If you can replicate that on a daily basis, I think you’ll find emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, financially, and spiritually evolving.

Would love to know how you go.

Thanks for reading!


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