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Robyn Olson
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Are you sick of the so-called ‘health’ system telling you what pills to take, without really understanding who you are?
What if you could have control over your own health?  Robyn believes you can!

Robyn has over 30 years of experience in nursing and a deep passion to nurture, inspire and empower people to take control of their own health. Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything she does both personally and professionally.
Robyn’s own alternative health journey began over 15years ago, after the birth of her daughters. She found herself feeling sluggish, bloated, and struggling with weight loss, inflammation, brain fog, and emotional instability. Upon discovering that she was insulin resistant and on a trajectory towards type 2 diabetes, Robyn felt a deep unease for her health. Concerned about the path she was on, especially given her father’s early death from cancer, she decided to take charge of her health. Recognizing the limitations of the traditional healthcare system that, still somehow, deemed her fit and healthy, and witnessing firsthand the shortcomings of the ‘sick’-care system, where patients were often given pharmaceutical band-aids without addressing the root cause of their illness, Robyn knew this was not for her, so she embarked on a personal mission to turn her well-being around.
This insight led her on a journey to address the fundamental issues such as insulin resistance, leaky gut, and liver health. Robyn was determined to rid her body of toxicity and chronic inflammation, understanding that these factors played a crucial debilitative role in her overall health. She embraced alternative modalities that offered a more comprehensive and personalized approach to her health challenges.
The recent global pandemic prompted Robyn to make a life-changing decision—to resign from her nursing position and embark on a new phase. It was during this time of transition that she discovered the teachings of Tyler, whose message resonated deeply with her.
‘Joining his community felt like finding the missing piece of the puzzle. I was inspired, alive, and ready to not only continue my personal health journey but also to connect with a like-minded tribe and assist others in nurturing their own paths to health and wellbeing.’

As a health coach, Robyn leverages her extensive and diverse background in nursing, incorporating iridology, sclerology, and the 7 basic principles of health to guide individuals in simplifying their approach to wellness. Together, we can rediscover the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, tap into the gifts of nature, detoxify our lives, and cultivate a positive mindset filled with gratitude and a can-do attitude.
Since becoming a Tolman Health Coach she has untaken further studies in Plant-based nutrition through ECornell University and is currently undertaking certification in Solfeggio frequency and energy centres, delving into the profound impact of sound and energy on overall wellness.
With a down-to-earth, bubbly, and welcoming nature, Robyn believes that health is an ongoing and evolving state. She is here to inspire, nurture, and empower you on your unique journey to optimal health. Lets take back control and thrive together.


  • Fatigue & Energy Levels​
  • Fasting
  • Hormonal Problems
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Gut Health
  • Fasting & Juice Cleansing
  • Detoxification

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