Nuts | Natural Ways To Boost Men's Libido
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Nuts | Natural Ways To Boost Men’s Libido
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Nuts | Natural Ways To Boost Men’s Libido

Ok, so here we are talking about the men’s health issue of erectile dysfunction. I think most healthy men wake up with an erection and are ready to have sex most of the time! So when you’re finding it hard to get ready to go there must be some underlying health issues to address.

I think stress or anxiety plays a huge role. If you’re worried about other things, sex is probably not your top priority at that moment. Anxiety may even arise from the sexual encounter itself – performance anxiety. It could also be a hormonal imbalance, such as low levels of testosterone. Poor circulation also comes to mind; you want your blood reaching and nourishing all parts of your body and to help you physically produce an erection.

Basically, there is a whole plethora of reasons why you might have erectile dysfunction, but I have some suggestions here to help you out in the bedroom.

Dietary Measures to get you Bedroom Ready, Including Nature's Viagra

I believe in the Doctrine of Signatures. This is science in nature – foods that look like a body part, nourish that body part. In the case of men’s genitalia, I think a banana looks a lot like a penis and maybe a couple of peanuts.

I know this sounds crazy but arginine is a chemical component of peanuts that is actually extracted,  replicated and made into what’s called Viagra. So nature’s ‘Viagra’ is pretty much peanuts! Snack on peanuts or other forms of nuts to get arginine, or look up other foods that have it.

I believe if you ate a massive amount of bananas (like 6-10 bananas in a smoothie) every single day, and started getting some fresh fruits and salads in your diet, that would help. Things like big vein leafy greens will also help with blood flow. Beetroot has nitrogen which really helps expand and dilate the circulatory system too. All these fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of electrical life force. We are electrical beings by nature and this really drives us in more ways than one.

Get your Blood Pumping and Boost Tertosterone

One of the best ways to boost testosterone is strength training. By strength training I mean doing deadlifts, squats, working your back and chest. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder, but at least 30-45 minutes of strength training three times a week will radically increase testosterone.

A detox is a super great way to rebalance your hormones… in fact, your whole body. Maybe try a juice fast, 30 day Pulse cleanse or a 4 day Colon Cleanse to get you started. Really clean your body out to get it working optimally.

If it’s a hormonal thing, vitamin D can balance hormones within the body so getting out in the sun can really help too.

How to Get Over Anxiety and Emotions that Might be Ruining your Sex Life

If you’re doing all the above nutritional changes and you’re still having an issue, maybe it’s actually an emotional issue. Seeking out the assistance of someone to go through some emotional clearing can be very beneficial. I implement this kind of stuff into my programs because I know how powerful it is.

I would even recommend some breath work or rebirthing to help figure out what the issue is because maybe there’s a traumatic experience that happened in your childhood that’s related to someone of the opposite gender that’s giving you some anxiety. To clear that out can be fantastic on many levels.

Also going into a situation of just cuddling and having a good time with your partner through touching, feeling and playing removes any expectations of sex. Often in this zone of no expectations, just relaxing and enjoying each other, an erection will just naturally happen.

Lack of Electricity in the Relationship

It could be as simple as there being a lack of interest. Maybe there’s no polarity that exists between the male and female energy or the female is male dominant and that turns him off. If there’s not that synergy to get a man excited, he’s just not going to fully be there.

I think it comes down to a combination of emotional, hormonal, nutritional and blood flow factors. If you really give yourself a 30-60 day process of working on all these levels then erectile dysfunction will no longer be a problem. 

Check out all of my programs, there will be one there that is right for your level of health to take you to where you want to be and you’ll be freakin’ rockin’. That erectile dysfunction will be out of the window.

Thanks for reading!


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