Supposed Cancer Cures and the Foundational Principles of Health
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Supposed Cancer Cures and the Foundational Principles of Health
cancer cures

Supposed Cancer Cures and the Foundational Principles of Health

My morning rant about all these supposed “natural cancer cures” being spruked on social media and why it’s so detrimental

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Hey guys, I’m here just sitting in the sauna and wanted to have a conversation with you about what we see on Facebook and social media all the time when it comes to cancer-killing plants.

We’re inundated constantly with all these different foods and massive claims that I think really waters down the truth about the power of these plants. People disregard it because it’s just too much.

Hands up if you’ve seen claims about soursop and bitter melon having like 10,000 times the ability to kill cancer compared with chemotherapy?

There is absolutely no doubt that plants have an ability to heal us with the phytonutrients they contain.

I’ve spent many, many years running programs and retreats. People I’ve worked with have healed from stage four cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, lymphatic cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, brain tumours and all sorts of things. There is really good research from the American Cancer Society, Institute of Cancer Research, British medical journals and PubMed about the ability of frankincense and dandelion root to kill cancer cells in the body.

But when we just see grand claims, they’re often over-exaggerated to get clicks. It is really missing the point. If you have cancer, if you even want to prevent cancer, it’s not just about eating this root or having this vegetable that supposedly kills all cancer in your body.

We need to stop just looking for that ONE cure.

People ask me all the time, “Tyler, I’ve got this major cancer and I’m taking this root, do you really think it will work?” You wanna know what I say?

Let’s just take a deep breath. Let it out and let’s get clear first on the foundational principles of what caused cancer in the first place. What do you need to change in your environment? What do you need to change in your life on a daily basis to bring about a situation of healing within the body – an optimal situation within the body?

Then, once you get your foundational principles correct, then you can start to add in all these beautiful things that are found to kill cancer as well.

Because then when you add in these other things, they’ll have so much more efficacy in their ability to kill cancer within the body.

What are these foundational principles?

There are seven and I want to touch a little bit on each one. If I share just a few nuggets of profound wisdom from each and you apply just one of those things into your life, then you’re going to experience higher levels of energy, mental clarity, digestion, and feelings of general vitality.

The 7 Principles of Health are very simple:

  1. Breathe clean, fresh air.
  2. Drink enough water.
  3. Get enough sunshine.
  4. Eat organic, whole fresh foods.
  5. Move your body.
  6. Be present in relationships.
  7. Do something you’re passionate about.

Everybody knows them. But nine times out of 10 people simply aren’t doing them consistently—or even at all. Which is exactly why I create programs here in Bali. To teach these basic foundational principles and immerse yourself in them.

It might take weeks. It might take months, but by creating very specific little habits in your life EVERY day and building this seven-principle foundation into your life, I can guarantee you that your body’s going to be healing. You can kiss cancer goodbye eventually or really prevent it. If it’s late stages of aggressive cancer, by all means, there are some major things that need to be done, but these seven basic principles are really going to support you in your life.


Breathing deeply. People simply don’t breathe deeply – especially if you’re behind a computer for most of the day or running around after kids. You breathe in the upper part of your chest and so your body doesn’t get the oxygen it’s optimised for.

Try 7 rounds of 7 breaths (I have an audio you can download here). Breathe in for seven, hold for seven, out for seven, hold for seven. Do this twice a day to really feel grounded. It will balance your mind, ease depression and anxiety, oxygenate your body and alkalize your blood and organs. Breathing actually helps your body to get rid of acid.

You’ll also start to become more conscious of your breath and notice when you’re getting stressed out or something’s going on because you stop breathing.

If you do yoga or meditation or different types of breathing exercises, absolutely fantastic. Keep doing it!

Also, invest in some quality houseplants to purify the air. The best ones are the areca palm, the money plant, peace lilies, and one called mother-in-law’s tongue. They clean out benzene, trichloroethylene and other pollutants from the air and produce fresh and clean oxygen. Your home will become a safe haven for you and your family and an environment that produces health.

The other thing is when we see the colour green we subconsciously breathe deeper. So by putting plants all through your house and your office, you’ll have a beautiful environment which naturally helps you de-stress.


At a bare minimum, drink one litre per 22kg of body weight. I weigh about 83kg and drink probably six to eight litres of water a day. Why? Because I’m sitting in a sauna in Bali, I just did an hour of strength training, and soon I’m going to do two hours of Jiu Jitsu so I’m drinking six to eight litres of water a day to be hydrated.

If you’re not strength training and sitting in a sauna, I believe every person should at least have one litre per 22kg of body weight.

Why do I believe that? Read Your Body’s Many Cries for Water by Fereydoon Batmanghelidj MD. Also, You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty. Profound information. By drinking one litre of pure water per 22kg of body weight every single day, you’ll notice your digestion improve, mental clarity, headaches go away. Pain, in general, goes away. You have more energy. Anyway, the list goes on.

I recommend getting a distiller, reverse osmosis system, or even from a spring somewhere in big jugs. And drink it! Usually, that goes without saying but I know a lot of people who walk around with their bottle all-day long and hours later they’re just sipping on the same bottle. It’s like, “Well, you’re not actually drinking that, dude. You’re just talking about it.”


The sun is healthy. It produces Vitamin D within the body. It reduces cholesterol. It helps our brains produce thousands and thousands of chemicals that our body uses in every single cell. It balances our endocrine system, which is balancing our hormones, which is the body’s way of communicating. There are so many things that are happening when we get in the sun.

Just be smart about it. Don’t be stupid. Don’t go out and burn yourself. Also, don’t be slathering petrochemicals called sunblock on your skin with known carcinogens and think that you can go out for hours at a time. Be smart about it.

A skin cleaning process called Guasha really helps to clean the skin and supports you in the sun. It goes all the way back to ancient Egypt and ancient China. I’ve got thousands of people around the world doing this saying their skin feels the most beautiful it has ever felt in their lives. So go Guasha and then put some coconut oil on your skin and get out into the sun. You’ll develop a beautiful tan. You’ll feel so much better, and you’ll look so much better.

By looking after yourself this way, your skin is not going to get all leathery from being in the sun. Your skin gets leathery from smoking cigarettes and eating crap food because the sun draws those toxins out and that’s what’s causing it. Don’t buy into the hype.


If you don’t do anything else, walk 30 to 45 minutes a day.

If you do that every single day, wake up in the morning, drink one litre of water and go for a walk. That will cause you to have a nice poo-poo. It will get everything balanced, and your body will start to strengthen.

Within six weeks of walking 45 minutes a day, you’ll want to start running. You’ll want to start doing more. You’ll feel motivated because your body’s getting strong. Walking also rewires the brain and helps us to relax, it combats depression and does all kinds of beautiful things for us mentally and emotionally.

Beyond that, whatever, whatever you’re passionate about. Bike, run, surf, swim, dance, do Jiu Jitsu if you want to. Whatever it is, push yourself to move more and be more active. But if you’re not doing anything, just start off 30 to 45 minutes of walking and see where it takes you.


Eat as much organic, fresh fruits and vegetables as possible.

A lot of people believe organic foods are too expensive, but what are you comparing it to? Don’t compare chalk to cheese. When you eat organic whole foods, the amount of nutrition and life force that’s coming from that food really satiates your body nutritionally and you can actually feel satisfied by eating less.

Have balance. Push the limits. Try eating more fresh fruits in the mornings and more vegetables in the afternoon and see how you go. At the very least, cut down on processed foods, artificial colours, red meat, chicken and fish. These foods get stuck in our digestive system and cause accumulative toxic build up that stresses our organs. In this day and age with so many things going on, it’s really important we keep our digestive system moving.

Force yourself to eat more vegetables. Eat more salad. Eat more fruit. Try chia seeds and flax seeds, get creative and have fun with it.


The health of your relationships are reflected in the response you receive from them. If you’re fighting all the time, go within and see what’s going on. What’s being triggered? What needs to come to the surface for letting go?

Relationships are very, very important. I don’t care if you’re vegan, raw-foodist, paleo, this or that, and you’re pristine in your diet, if your relationships are toxic, it doesn’t matter. You’re still going to be toxic. You’re still going to be slowly dying. Emotional toxicity and suppression is killing people. It’s causing all types of psychosomatic and emotional types of sickness, even cancer. That’s why it’s really important that we get happy.

I believe, in general, that when we live these 7 principles of health; we eat healthy foods, high-vibrational foods, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains; we exercise, get out into the sun, breathe deeply, then we’re going to attract a vibration of healthier, happier relationships. If you have built-up anger and resentment, do a boxing class or whatever it is that will alleviate a lot of that pent-up energy. Energy is dynamic. It needs to be released and that will either be through exercise or a metaphorical hand grenade in your relationships. It’s your choice.

When we learn how to discharge our emotions effectively, we show up better within relationships. I think the best thing individuals can do for relationships is stop pointing fingers. Every time you point a finger, there’s three pointing back at you. Really identify, “Why am I showing up this way? Why am I reacting this way?” If someone said something which upset you or pissed you off and you’ve lost your shit, what if that something is already within you and THAT is what you’re reacting to? It could just be a reflection of something you need to heal within yourself.

Try to become conscious of when you have these situations occur and see if you can show up differently.

When you feel like reacting and spitting, yelling and screaming, see if you can just observe and show up differently. By making these little switches and these little pattern-interrupts, you’ll start to realise, “Wow, I don’t have to be upset. I don’t have to fight. In fact, I can start to identify what’s going on within myself and create some beautiful healing within myself.”

Relationships are so important. It’s the reason that we’re here. We’re here to love. We’re here to experience. We’re here to create. Ultimately, that’s what this is all about. Regardless of what you eat, regardless of all these other things, I believe relationships is why we’re here and what we need to work on the most.


Finally, take the time to discover what you’re passionate about. Please. Do that.

Where do your conversations go whenever you’re talking to people? If you had an extra $10,000, where you would spend that money? Find what you are really passionate about, and just start doing more of that.

I believe if you’re more passionate in your life, you’re going to be blessing people around you because you’re happy. Passion is when you “pass ions” throughout your body. It invigorates us. Once you do that long enough, you can pass that on to other people. What a beautiful gift that would be to the world, don’t you think?

So wrapping all this up with a nice big bow, all these different foods that are found to cure cancer and do all this type of stuff, yes, beautiful. Fantastic. Add them into your life. Dandelion root tea, dandelion root extract, frankincense. I put it on my body. I burn it in my room. I put some under my tongue.

Some of these other foods that have been found to kill cancer, these cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, raspberries with ellagic acid, brazil nuts with selenium, incorporate these into your life with balance. Just because Brazil nuts contain selenium, which are found to get rid of cancer, doesn’t mean I want to go eat a truckload of Brazil nuts. Besides, if I did, it would be quite toxic because you can have an overload of these things as well.

So approach it in the way nature intended. How many raspberries would I eat if I found a bush and started eating them? Dandelion root—how much would I actually extract to make a tea? Are you with me?

It’s all about creating that foundation and then looking for things that we can add to bless our lives. Whether it’s heart disease, cancer, diabetes, there are beautiful whole foods that can support the healing of all of these diseases, and I haven’t even talked about fasting!

Thank you guys for watching (or reading this far). Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Thanks for reading!


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