Healthy Lifestyles - 7 Principles That Will Transform You


Healthy Lifestyles | The 7 Principles That Will Transform Your Health
healthy lifestyle 7 principles

Healthy Lifestyles | The 7 Principles That Will Transform Your Health

A lot of times people think healthy lifestyles are about food only. It’s not just food, it’s a multiplicity of things.

For thousands of years, individuals have recognised that there are basic principles that lead to a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. There are seven of these principles. I’ve also added an eighth, and will tell you about each one.


Take a deep breath in … let it out.

Take a deep breath in … let it out.

Breathing in deeply through the nose, into the stomach (belly button) and out through the mouth really creates a healthy way of breathing. It will oxygenate your body, make your body vital, and alkalize your body as well.

When you are breathing deeply, you want to breathe fresh clean air. So get some plants. Plants naturally detoxify the air around you. Studies have shown that specific plants eliminate benzene, formaldehyde, trifluoroethylene and all sorts of chemicals that are in our home and all around us.

Peace Lilies, Areca Palm and the money plant are fantastic for this. And the Mother-in-Laws Tongue plant is one that gives off oxygen at night; feeding us oxygen while we are sleeping. Pop this plant in your children’s rooms as well.


Hydration; drink a litre of water every day when you first wake up. This will hydrate your digestive system and your body. You will be ready to go for the day and you will probably have a good poo as well. Push everything out and you will feel a lot better.

I recommend drinking one litre of water per 22 kilograms of body weight, per day. For me, that’s about four litres a day. I also eat a lot of high water-content fruit like watermelon and papaya that provide extra hydration.


Get out into the sun for 20-30 minutes. Don’t worry so much about getting burned. I lived in Australia for two years and I can tell you that by eating a healthy diet and using some coconut oil, I could go for a surf for an hour or two and I wouldn’t burn.

It has everything to do with the nutrients that you are putting in. The antioxidants from the fruits and vegetables prevent the oxidizing from the sun.


Get the body moving; life is movement. Find a sport or some kind of exercise that you love doing and just do it. Bare minimum, you should be walking at least 30-45 minutes almost every day.

Whole Foods

What does “whole food” mean?

Complete. It means the food has not been cooked, hasn’t been processed and hasn’t had stuff added to it – artificial sweeteners, colours and hydrogenated oil.

An apple is a whole food. It’s an apple. Watermelon, mango; you can look at them and know what they are. If you know what the food is, that’s a whole food.

Whole food is complete and has everything your body needs. Eat as fresh as you can, as much as you can! Eat at least 60% fresh fruits, salads and vegetables. If you really want to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat at least 80 % fresh fruits and you will be flying.

If you want to be a superhero, eat 100% fresh fruits and vegetables…. infinity & beyond!!


I believe if you have been doing all the above, you will be satisfied and healthy. You will figure out how to process your relationships. Focus on your relationships and do what you can to improve them.


Have passion in your life and share that passion with other people. Get out there. I think you know what I am passionate about. I’m passionate about sharing this information with the world.

Air, water, sunshine, exercise, whole food, relationships and passion. Work on them one at a time. Do a little bit of meditation and get a good night’s sleep.

Sleep (bonus 8th principle)

Get some good, quality sleep – at least eight hours a night to recharge your batteries. That’s where we get our energy from.

So make some small modifications and you are really going to have a healthier lifestyle. You’re going to feel fantastic.

Keep coming back to this blog to look at and remind yourself of the different principles: air, water, sunshine, exercise, whole food, relationships and passion.

Sing a song about it. Dance. Move your body. Share your love, open up your heart and you will feel awesome.

In a nutshell, a healthy lifestyle includes:

  • more than just what you are eating
  • living the 7P’s of Health: air, water, sunshine, exercise, whole food, relationships and passion
  • getting eight hours of sleep every night

Thanks for reading!


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