Will juice or water fasting ruin your metabolism? | Tyler Tolman
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Will juice or water fasting ruin your metabolism?
will fasting ruin metabolism

Will juice or water fasting ruin your metabolism?

A lot of people think that if they skip a meal, do a little fast or in particular, a long fast, it’s going to ruin their metabolism.

The facts are that it’s the absolute opposite.

Every scientific study that’s ever been done on extended fasting, specifically one from the University of Chicago Whole Biological Laboratories, proves that our base metabolism increases massively with extended fasting.



Now, we kind of need to know what metabolism actually is. What is happening? Inside every single cell we have a nucleus with all our genetic information. Then we have mitochondria, like little workers outside the nucleus and that control our metabolism and producing energy and replication of the cells.

The reason our metabolism decreases is because of the accumulation of toxicity inside the cells. We accumulate what are called cellular respiration or acids from the cells that are constantly producing energy and making acid.

Typically, you won’t have a lowered base metabolism until you’re about 35 years or older, but it’s been proven scientifically that we can reset our metabolism by ridding the cells of this toxic metabolic waste.

And the way you do that is through fasting.

The really cool thing is something that’s been kind of a fad lately – intermittent fasting. This is where you skip a meal in the morning. You have your last meal at night, around six or seven o’clock, and you don’t eat again until noon the next day. This actually has a massive impact on increasing metabolism and increasing our ability to digest our food. So I highly recommend looking into it.

Intermittent fasting increases metabolism and our ability to utilise and recycle protein, and it increases insulin sensitivity. That’s the main factor implicated in longevity.

If you have insulin resistance, typically from eating too much too often and the wrong foods, it leads to diabetes and a shorter life span. Fasting increases insulin sensitivity, it increases our ability to digest our foods and use proteins, and it actually increases our metabolism.

So don’t listen to the hype if you want to increase your metabolism. In fact, the best thing you can do is an extended fast on juices or water, because you’re allowing all the cells to detox and reset themselves so you can get back to a state of health.

Remember, when you break the fast, to just take on a healthier lifestyle and take it slow, because when you fast, everything kind of shuts down when it comes to digestion. It needs to be a slow process of reintroducing foods and your metabolism will be higher.

You don’t want to go from juice fasting to eating McDonalds. That can create problems.

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